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    How did this player get Diamond Camo on their smg?  Looked at his combat record!

      Question to those who know more about this than I apparently do...


      Background Info:  This player's diamond camo PDW was ripping through people like an LMG with fast fire.  Virtually my entire team was wiped out by this guy numerous times.  Each time I was killed I watched the kill cam and he had a diamond camo PDW.  I know he died several times after watching the entire match in theatre...I say this because I know he was respawning with the same diamond camo gun.  Why is this significant?


      HOWEVER, I looked at his detailed record where you can view the playercards earned for each weeapon and not all of his smg's had the three slots filled as you progress towards Gold camo and the associated three playercards you receive.  If he only had two of the total smgs gold how the heck did he get diamond camo on this gun?  I THOUGHT YOU HAD TO GET GOLD CAMO ON EACH GUN IN EACH PARTICULAR CLASS OF GUNS IN ORDER TO UNLOCK THE DIAMOND CAMO????  Perhaps I was wrong to assume this but I read somewhere the only way to get it is to get gold camo on each class (in this case smgs) of guns. 


      Any thoughts or your input would be appreciated.  Thanks!