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    Offline lag com and same ping connection

      When players go around corners or change position(standing prone crouching) there is a delay. It even happens offline spiltscreen.



      This is the same test above comparing BO2, MW3, and COD4. COD4 is the only one with no delay.



      This video proves that even people using the same connection are have delay.


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          Re: Offline lag com and same ping connection

          They know it is there but it won't get fixed. Why? Because this game only cares about the xBox community. You can tell by just watching the forums of the xboxcommunity were there aren't as many cases with lag. It is sad but that is reality for this game and the previous one. If an entire community would rise to this than they have no choice to listen. People with bad connections get better games than who have great connections. Black Ops 2 shows this the most. Making it impossible to make the community rise.


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            Re: Offline lag com and same ping connection

            Click "Like" on the original post if you feel this game is broken based on what you observe in the videos of original poster!


            Thank you for making this video...I think it proves as many of us know that this game is seriously broken. They have yet to fix this problem...heck even a slight improvement would be a sign that they care and ALREADY they are promoting their DLC when the basic gameplay on this game is seriously flawed.


            To be fair I have some games where I do not notice as much of a problem however the majority of the time the lag, hit detection, camera issues (as described in videos above) make this game make me question whether I will faithfully buy the annual COD game in the future.  Others may disagree but in my opinion BO1 and MW3 have far less issues in this regard.  I think there is something more going on here than just lag compensation, internet speed and ping times but what is it?


            The most obvious problems happen when I host...not sure why as I am not super tech savy.  However, when I host it feels like I am running in thick mud even with lightweight and etreme conditioning...I know I host because as soon as I quit it starts migrating to a new host.  I have the most premium level of cable internet, placed my PS3 in DMZ and many other suggestions yet when I host the game is simple unplayble!  I also still observe major issues when I am not hosting but to a lesser degree.

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