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        30. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

        Lol? I have ran into 1 person in my entire black ops 2 playing time that acutally used tubes compared to the 8-9 people a GAME in MW2.  If the connection is really that bad for you why not instead of buying all these "accessories" you spend a little more on better internet? My internet is not even that great since I live pretty much in the country so options are limited. Occasionally I get the unplayable 2 or 3 bar with my crappy interenet but not enough to make me complain about it; gameing is for fun it's not a lifestyle.

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          31. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

          Don't take this personally but MW3 and BO2 are on the SAME engine. That's why we are seeing a repeat of the issues that MW3 went through. Just look at the graphics.

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            32. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

            actually if you spend some time on youtube you will find that commentators that used to upload a ton of mw3 are now uploading other games, and less frequently, I think this game will get boring sooner than mw3 did, I actually enjoyed playing mw3 until about 2 months before black ops 2, and I don't feel like it's going to be the same for black ops 2

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              33. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

              well done...


              I am not a "real gamer" but I know all of what you said is true (but then a real gamer would not, and should not be required to know business)


              From  business point of view, the company is not in the business of making people happy, they are in the business of making money (not a dumb statement... has anyone ever heard of a company that is into the business of losing money?)


              Before one asks "well how are they going to stay in business if their customers aren't happy!?", I would refer to what Mojo is saying: If you buy the product, and keep buying it.. you are happy from a business point of view. Complain all day but if you continue to buy it, you/we are part of the problem.


              To the people who just complain (not talking about people who make valid suggestions for improvement... and there is a huge difference): Either the game is not as bad as it is made out to be (so stop complaining), or stop buying it.


              Problem solved.

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                34. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                Dude MW3 was garbage at best.  It was like they crapped out a MW2 look alike but with horrible weapons and a even worse match making system.  MW2 is truly what brought me to PS3 and to this day i will always love that game.  However MW3 was awful.  While we haven't yet seen what will happen when Blk Ops 2 releases their new maps; I STILL REMEMBER not being able to play MW3's new maps because they were more lag ridden then the basic maps. 


                I will be the first to admit that BLK OPS 2 isn't perfect but i enjoy it alot more then MW3.  Treyarch had alot more original ideas then Infinity Ward ever thought of.  I even remember seeing videos showing where Infinity Ward copy and pasted buildings from one game into another.


                The point system is a awsome idea; whether its for setting up your class or your score streak.  I love that you can prestiege your guns individually or your rank.  I told a friend yesturday this game is oriented towards playing cautiously.  I.E.  "cutting the pie" not running into rooms spraying rounds like you're the terminator carrying a mini-gun.  


                Everyone has different preferences and games styles;  this one suites me and truthfully if they make a MW4 they will have to bust @%* to convince me to buy it. 


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                  35. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                  Your opinion differs from mine and that's cool.  You must be on the good side of the BO2 lag curve.  Believe me, good ideas or not, if your connection were like mine, you'd be down on the game too.  I can see much hope on the few nights that the game plays correctly and I actually have fun.  But those nights come very rarely.  MW3 ran perfectly 99% of the time on my system and I didn't play MW2 so I can't compare the two.  But speaking on the general mechanics of the game, MW3 runs better on my system.

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                    36. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                    I want to be a "gammer".....where do I sign up?

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                      37. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                      AUTiger93x wrote:


                      MW3 runs better on my system.

                      Same here, sometimes I am behind guys, but thats usually at off hours where most are foreigners, BO2 has constant frame stuttering rubberbanding that makes it nearly unplayable, as for me, I am back to MW3 until issues are addressed

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                        38. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                        The SMR sucks pretty bad.

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                          39. Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

                          They aren't really on the exact same engine. Each dev team uses their own engines that all stem from IW 3.0 which was used for CoD4. IW said they started from scratch after CoD4 and developed a better engine (IW 4.0) to be used for MW2.


                          Cod4 and WaW = IW 3.0

                          MW2 = IW 4.0

                          BO = enhanced IW 3.0

                          MW3 = enhanced IW 4.0

                          BO2 = much further enhanced IW 3.0


                          IW 3.0 was an engine based off the one used for Quake 3.


                          It may seem like it doesn't make sense but that is what each game runs on. As for the BO2 graphics, they are MUCH better than MW3. I still think MW2 is the best looking game.

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