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    treyarch please respond

      I didn't know there was a game mode built into the game that ruins multiplayer for us. Over a week ago I played a local game against bots to try out new weapon configurations. While setting up my classes I had an error pop up, I didn't make note of the error number but remember it said something about a UI interface error. After that I backed out and went back to multiplayer and my extra classes and weapon/perk unlocks were gone and I was left with the default 5 classes and none of my permanent unlocks.I've tried deleting every saved file on my xbox, it hasnt helped. I even had a friend download my profile to his xbox and it was messed up for him too. Where it gets even stranger is when I log into elite I can see my extra class slots and can edit them and submit to xbox, and when I get on the xbox it asks if I want to incorporate the changes I say yes but the classes don't change.


      This happened over a week ago, I called your suggested support hotline and after waiting on hold for over an hour the best I got was someone saying they would pass the info along. I checked my case status today and it had been put on hold. Really? On hold? The problem is still here, I still can't enjoy the game as intended, I still haven't gotten a suggestion or even an email saying deal with it till we patch a glitch. Apparently this has happened to others please address this issue, I'm happy I didn't bother buying a season pass this year because if it is not fixed I will not bother getting any DLCs for a game I can't play as intended.

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          Re: treyarch please respond

          If anyone else has had this problem please respond here.

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              There are thousands here in the forum with the same or similar problem..activision knows about this problem for two months now... i guess it was an error like ui:70773 or something like that...until now not one single account got restored but they are constantly telling us to message ATVIASSIST with our gamertags and what we did before this occured so they can forward this info to treyarch so that they do nothing^^

              sry that i can´t really help you


              btw my 2 supportcases from 10th of december have already been closed several times so we can be pretty sure they don´t give a ****

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