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    Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

      I starting to realize that with any Call Of Duty any gun can kill. However having played so much Call Of Duty I'm realizing that each title is more or less geared towards a specific class of weapon. I just read on twitter a guy pleading to Vonderhaar not to take away from the SMG's because he feels like he has to fire off too many shots to kill someone.  I found this quite comical as the last couple of days I have been completed devoted to kill confirmed which is riddled with Lightweight hipfire SMG spraying. I don't know how many gun battles I have had to unload several shotgun rounds at VERY close range into someone only to have them drop me almost instantly with pretty much ANY SMG. With all of the hip firing SMG's with silencers I see and maps with 100 entrances to any given position I say congratulation you wildly running, hip firing SMG guy "This Black Ops 2's for you..." ***CHEERS***

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          Shotguns are hit and miss depending on lag.  I've done quite well in KC with AR's but you have to set them up for speed (ie quickdraw or laser sight, adjustable stock, and dexterity).  SMGs are strongly used in KC as you would expect them to be since you have to pick up tags and therefore most gunfights are going to be at close range.  If you want to use an AR in a more traditional setup then play DOM.  It has a slower pace to it which allows for setting up medium to long range fights.

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            Its the movement, when you can move as fast as they move with any SMG its a given noobs hipfire and to what i have noticed even with my insane 14 sensitivity i cant even keep up with the strafe, its ridiculous and i strongly believe they should do some major work to patching that problem. Noobs will disagree but for those who were Black Ops vets they know what im talking about

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              3. Re: Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

              Black Ops 2 is for everyone. 


              There are not as many disadvantages for running around like there used to be.

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                I hipfire with SMGs all the time and don't apologize for it at all.  It isn't going to change anytime soon, either. 


                Would I prefer to ADS? 

                • I certainly would, it would make for much more accurate shots and conserve ammo.


                However, when I am playing a game in which at least half of the matches consist of me being hundreds of milliseconds behind the enemy, I don't have the luxury of ADS all the time.  As it is, I am being OSK by spraying automatic fire; I have to get my shots off as soon as the target appears.  If I have the time, I start with hip-fire and bring it up to ADS.


                When you play objective modes like Hardpoint, KC, etc., the mobility bonus of SMGs and shotguns is also a huge plus for me.  The Remington, at least for me, is fairly competitive in the run and gun area with the SMGs.

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                  5. Re: Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

                  BO2 is not for everyone.


                  It caters to RnG 2x more than any past CoD game ever has.  The fact that you have 2x more SMG kills than ARs proves that.

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                    6. Re: Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

                    unique game designs isn't meant to fit everyones needs you like to play MW3 so you go and play that, however this is Black Ops ans it should feel more like Black Ops as opposed to anything else...

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                      7. Re: Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

                      I've always been an SMG player in COD but can understand people's frustration. Between the hipfire, lightweight and the stock attachment using an SMG feels a bit like being on rollerskates. I've found that the AN-94 is about the only AR useful at close range, with stock it feels easily feels as mobile as an SMG..

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                        They don't need to hipfire, merely need lightweight and SMG. If they hipfire or stock its just that much more sporadic.


                        The strafe shooting in this is crazy. The teleport movement that occurs with lightweight strafed smgs and shotguns might even be more signficant than Quake, Unreal, and Doom. Stock strafed ARs with lightweight is probably those games normal strafe speed.

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                          9. Re: Black Ops 2 Was Made For Run N Gun SMG

                          Proves nothing.  I run and gun in MW2 and MW3 and I used SMGs alot then too.  My most used weapon in MW3 was the PP90M1.  In BO, I used ARs because they were so overpowered and ones like the Galil and Famas got patched.  My most used SMG in BO was the AK74u with 600 kills less than the Famas.

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