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    Prestige Rewards after 5th Prestige

      What is the point of having prestige rewards after you prestige for the sixth time? I prestiged twice right after the game came out and I reset my stats immediately on level 1 prestige 2. Now I have gotten back up to sixth prestige; the first five prestiges I used my prestige reward on an extra custom class which is extremely beneficial. However, now that I have all 10 custom classes unlockced I have a prestige reward that I cannot do anything with. Resetting my stats is not an option as my stats are where I want them and I've gotten atleast 50% of the challenges in the game complete. The other option, refunding unlock tokens is a pointless reward as well. I don't know about others, but once I hit level 55 I have approximately 20 unlcok tokens that I haven't used.


      So what's the point in offering a reward if there is little to no reward available? Perhaps you should allow players to cash in a prestige reward for double xp, weapon xp, an extra permanent unlock token like mw3. That's one of the only things I believe MW3 had an advantage over BO2 in.


      Community, what do you think?