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    Problems running??

      Hi, iam having problems running on BO2!!! when i press L3 button to run i run for about half a second sometimes it just jerks forward... ive checked my interweb connection thats all ok, my controller is brand new so its not that either, anyone else having this problem or is it just me? ... its been doing this for about 5 days now but before that it was running just fine.


      HLEP!! getting bored of being shot coz i cant run fast enough lol

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          The only time that I've had trouble running is immediately after a host migration in FFA.  But after I die the run works again.  Have you tried a different controller?  Sometimes even new things break.

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              phxs72 wrote:


              Have you tried a different controller?  Sometimes even new things break.


              This.  I have a controller where the down arrow on the D-pad didn't work right out of the package.

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              running in COD in general is so lame!!


              in Warfighter your soldier can sprint as long as you want.  it really makes the gameplay so much better!


              I can't tell you how many times i get killed by attempting to run to cover only to come out of a full sprint to a mall walk.  WTF?  In survival mode in mw3 it was better to sprint for 2 seconds and then jump...sprint & jump....sprint & jump!  somehow, this worked a whole lot better.  so which contains more realism Activision??  running at full sprint and never having an issue, or jumping around like kangaroos with 150 pounds of gear??  you tell me...

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                i cant run after a host migration too on all game modes i think..


                i go prone and jump and it normally starts working again