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    Matchmaking for solo players

      i find playing this game as a solo player extremely aggrovating 90% of the games i join i have no chance of winning (lets say domination the score will generally be 140-60), the enemies have constant scorestreaks up, i have appalling teamates. i have no problems with good players as i can still compete against them as i do have a generally high K/D ratio,spm its just the fact that my w/l ration is absolute dogcrap because of the shear amount of late games i join. All i would ask of treyarch is to find games that are not currently in game before games that currently are this would stop the day by day stress i experince playing multiplayer.

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          I personally think they need to just redo their whole matchmaking.  Make it similar to Halo 3's.

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              Halo 3 did so many things right...


              Anyway, when I play solo, and I do a lot, I avoid Objective gamemodes like I avoid modern pop music. Try playing TDM or FFA, as the ability of carrying your team is much higher.


              Randoms in Dom suck anyway, what what I've noticed.

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              They should just add an internal filter where a game becomes unjoinable if it's over half  the way done. It would obviously add the problem of making certain matches boring when most people leave. But I think what people hate even more than that, is joining into a losing a game with no chance of winning.


              It doesn't actually have to be half way done, they could make it 3/4 the way done or something like that.


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                  Unfortunately, in those lopsided matches, the games would end up in forfeit most of the time because of all the people bailing out of the match.


                  It is awesome when you can join a match down in points and make a comeback, but sometimes it is just not possible and just an exercise in frustration as you get spawn killed by streaks.

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                  We solo players are just to fill to empty slots in the lobbies vs full parties. It is annoying but nothing we can do about it, its the skill based matchmaking.


                  All we get is this lame excuse of Mercenary Playlist with modes no one wants to play, i wish we had a proper Mercenary Playlist something like TDM / KC Mercenary Only or Domination Only.

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                    Soo many posts about this, and nothing will EVER be done to fix it... I don't want to play mercenary simply because I only want to play a certain type of game at a certain time...  If they had separate mercenary playlists for TDM, domination, and hardpoint I would be so happy...  But it is absolutely crazy how you can have a party of 6 and go on a 29 win streak and then one person has to go so he gets replaced, and that one person that replaces him goes so negative and contributes absolutely nothing to your team and you end up losing....

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                        This is the first Call of Duty that is forcing me to join a clan or party, i hate it. I was in a clan back in the CoD4/MW2 days and i have enough of this competitive stuff. I am not a bad player but even the best player in the world has no chance of winning vs a full party of decent player who communicate with each other, most people don't even know how effective a good communication is.


                        Some may disagree with me (which i have no problem with) but i can't play this game solo in the peak times, i get matched vs nothing but full parties of 2.5 K/D players all the time, its horrible and not fun, only weapon i see is the PDW and few FAL select fire, thats it. I don't mind competitive gaming as long both sides are equal strong but thats not possible in a public match with randoms on your team vs a full clan of 6 players. Horrible Matchmaking.


                        Best time to play is in the morning, less clans and its more fun overall, you can run with different weapons, relaxing, having a good time but as soon the clans come online its becoming a pain in the ass.

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                            I actually had a good game against a party of 4 players of pure 5 digit rank(think one was 6) in bonus on Nuketown yesterday..AT FIRST. It was only me and two randoms on the other team (don't ask me why it didnt fill the slots or why it started unbalanced).  Game was headquarters.


                            I actually did really well...and we capped 2 headquarters right off the bat...i was getting 1.5 kills per death on average. Then one of the players on my team who was still broke even...left. I maintined doing well...until...


                            And this is where clan cheapness came in. They switched to Remington, snipers, flak jacket, tac mask, and one player who went Fal(later m27)ran to the side opposite of spawning headquarters. At this point trying to keep the victory of our team alive, and kill consistently became virtually impossible even on a map of nuketown size, and I started dying more trying to retain the win. I kept playing even till they got ahead of us in points, waiting to see if they'd stop the cheap tactics. They only got worse(all saving their killstreaks against 2 players, and timing their UAV uses). At that point since they wanted to play about as unsportsmanlike as you can get(and since I was hoping there was a chance I had host(I do not know if I did or not)), I waited until 30 seconds until end and then dashboarded. I'd like to think I was host, it error'd, and that was me flipping the bird.


                            With only two players, it would've been impossible to both cap/protect a headquarters and kill the dude across the map(who would kill us if we did anything but come after him). They were a group with 4 players, and they wouldn't even have the decency of at least not using completely cheap tactics against 2 players.


                            So I don't think its that a player can't do well against a full group. Merely, a lone wolf player cannot compensate for the cheap tactics organized groups can use. If your team is good enough to at least moderately attempt the objective, then you can kill the enemy team or vice versa. Just not both against uneven setups.

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                          Play with friends. It is a team based game after all, and a few minutes of browsing can get you in a suitable 'clan'.

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                            after about an hour break of playing i come back online join one game of dom score is 180-120 with 1 minute left, this is the main problem im having with this game.

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                              Sorry my friends aren't available 24/7... This has to do with me playing alone, no **** I'm going to do better with friends.

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                                I feel OPs pain, being thrown into a game you have no chance of winning and getting a forced loss on your stats, well, its not very fair now is it. Maybe not the end of the world, but I'm sure we can all agree it would be nicer if that never happened yes?


                                The fact is the problem lies with the ragequitters who run at the first sign of a high-end killstreak. If people were allowed to choose whether or not they join a game (so to speak) then lobbies that had emptied at the first sign of a set of dogs/lodestar/VSAT etc would never get filled, the killstreak wasted and that would MAJORLY suck for whoever earned it.


                                As always, blame the ragequitters. Its a nasty, unsporting habit that needs to be stamped out. I say successive bans get longer and longer with no ceiling. Eventually people would have to take it on the chin or have a week off!


                                And before I get "well what if my connection is sooooo bad?" you are the type of player who will back out early cause you'll see the BS straight off the bat, so this isn't directed at you. Nothing wrong with leaving a game at the start because your connection is rough. This was aimed at those who get stomped and cant deal with it, the wimps who back out at the first sniff of a Lodestar etc.

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                                    I guess people only rage quit because they are getting dicked by someone who has a connection advantage over them. Personally (and it very much depends on my mood) I will usually play on through. I don't put up with being spawn killed (i'd rather take the loss and quit).

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                                    I also play solo and felt equally frustrated in past CODs when I was newer to the series, but as I got better (much better) I have learned to use the opportunity of being thrown into late losing games or going up against full parties/clans to learn how to cope with extremely lopsided sided games i.e. facing multiple VSATs, Swarms, Dogs you name it. This is of course highly dependant on how proficient you truly are and how much fight you have in you.

                                    You will be suprised at how few deaths will be incurred provided you have the capability of making the correct decisions under such unfair circumstances/heavy fire. You will be even more surprised at how much of a better player you become when playing under "normal" circumstances.


                                    Honestly, if you want easy games against disorganised opponents that don't push your skill to inflate your stats, then party/clan up like they do. If you truly want to be a better player then do the above.

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                                      Hell i joined a game of TDM last night in the middle of a match that was 56-7 when i started, that really seemed fair to me.

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                                        they need to make a solo player list of all game types.. not just mersonary.. i like to play ctf ONLY.. i dont like the other game types.. so normally im always paired up with the crapiest team..


                                        i normally run defense, but when i see my teammates struggling, ill get the flag, which i normally can do, since i can hold my own in gun fights, but guess what happens?.. im runnin the flag back BY MYSELF. with none of my teammates defending me... Where are they?? * look at the map* ohhh there camping in one bulding in some un related side area, or there dead.. so i get to my base,a nd either the flag is gone, or there are 5 enemies waiting for me


                                        so i tend to rage.. but i rage at my team


                                        from there i either just sit back and get my kd higher, or i back out

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                                          Sometimes you have to step up and take control of your squad. I've started matches and flat out said "If you want even a close game, wait out B, do NOT 3x cap or push the spawn and call out." May not win but it was still enjoyable and have made many new friends.

                                          Just because they are partied up, does not mean they are good. Spawn killing can be countered and can cost a team the win. IMHO 3x capping does nothing but completely screw the spawn up for everyone and can cost you the game as well.

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                                            Sorry, but what is it that you expect them to do?


                                            This is a team game, its meant to be played with a team, and if you play solo you are going to be a seat-filler, space holder, side filler. That doesn't mean you can't play well, that doesn't mean you can't have success.


                                            When you play solo, be the teammate you want the others to be, call out positions, call out deaths, call out goals and objectives. You'd be surprised how this actually helps. Sure you will still get in with incompetent, non-communicative players from time to time and take losses to more organized, if not more skilled, teams.


                                            The excuse I hear a lot is "My friends don't play 24/7" or "My friends stopped playing or play different platforms". I don't know but a small percentage of the people on my friends list in RL. Everyone else I met in game. Some I met through friends, others I met in lobbies. Found like-minded, mature players and we partied up, which led to a friend request. You play with these people, who start inviting in their friends, who invite THEIR friends... well you see where this is going. As a result, I have a pretty good wealth of friends to play with pretty much at any time of day. It's called networking... it works online just like it does in social and business life.


                                            It makes gaming a LOT more fun, and far less stressful. My friends and I don't win all the time, but we have fun either way.

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                                                I tease my husband all the time by telling him I've taken over his friends list.  All his friends from 4 years of playing COD are now MY friends after playing 2 years of COD.  They like me better anyway. But you are correct.  All the friends we have, or have gotten are friends of friends, or people we've friended after playing a good random game together who bring in their friends etc etc.


                                                Having said that, one of THE best games I ever played was on MW3, HC Dom, with complete randoms on our team against a full clan of 6.  We communicated well together, played well, and just overall had a great time with the added benefit of winning the game by a decent margin.  I got a few friend requests out of that game, and afterwards, everyone was just generally surprised that we really pulled it together.  THOSE types of games are worth it.  In the two and a half years I've played COD that was was the ONLY random game that was memorable for me.


                                                But I agree...I don't play solo much, and have much more fun playing with the regulars on my friends list.  It makes the 'WTH just happened moments' in-game easier to laugh about.

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                                                  To some degree I see you're argument, but again like I am always told when I try to complain about something on these forums not everybody has the experiences that you have, and not everybody wants to or should have to approach the game the way you do. If the mercenary game type was better I would not even be making this post, but it's not. I agree that you can meet up with people and yes I have found that over the years that you can get some pretty good games going, and meet some pretty cool guys but just because you've done it and it works for you doesn't mean it's going to work for me.  And playing with people on a friends list presents its own set of problems.  I started playing online FPS's with Halo 2 and there are things that I have found that make playing with people on your friends list challenging and something I don't always feel like dealing with and they are:


                                                  1. Availability To Play:
                                                    You have guys that you really like to play with and probably get along with the best but can rarely or seldom play because they have kids, jobs, wives (you know a life)
                                                  2. Personality: (You have guys that are really good at the game but annoy you or are ********)
                                                  3. Habits During Team Session:
                                                    Ok, so you have a lobby of 6 guys that you are playing with everybody has a pretty hefty friends list so finding people is not a problem. But the number of games you can play is SEVERLY limited because:

                                                    You have the party leader whose having a conversation with another guy so he's taking forever to start the game.

                                                    During the last game a guy quit, but somebody yells "I have a guy I can pick up" so he sends a guy an invite and we have to wait on this guy to join and he doesn't join so other people start trying to get other players and we end up waiting 10 minutes before we start a game or get another player.

                                                    We've just played a couple games now a guy has to go take a smoke break, and somebody else has to take a dump. So now we have to wait on them.

                                                    You have a full party but we can't decide on what to play because this guy doesn't like search and destroy, but this guy wants to play hardcore team deathmatch, but this other guy wants to play regular team deathmatch and so on.

                                                  4. The inability of Call Of Duty to have a stable party system:

                                                    We had a full party but somebody lagged out, so the next game we have to back out after the game is over and pick him up.

                                                    The whole match and our party was oblitered because the host rage quit and now we have to try to gather everybody back up and search for a new game.

                                                  5. (With Black Ops 2) Games are related to region of party leader


                                                  I personally am a heavily challenge driven guy, always have been. I love getting achievements in single player and completing challenges in multiplayer. To me without these 2 thing playing Call Of Duty is pointless because I've played them all there's nothing really different besides the guns and the maps, so completing challenges keeps it fresh for me. As I mentioned before in #3 it can be VERY difficult to complete challenges because people don't want to play the game type necessary to complete these challenges. So in that regard I would also want to play by myself.


                                                  I'm sorry, but I keep hearing an argument that I think is just idiotic and invalid. I keep hearing this "Why are you playing this by yourself, it's a team game". Apparently some guys are trying to change the definition of "Team". What "Team" means as in "Team Deathmatch" is that there are 2 "Teams" of 6 players that play a grudge match and which ever "Team" gets the most kills win. When guys on my "Team" get kills it counts towards our "Team" score they don't get individual scores. If it were required that you go in with a group of guys it would be called "Party Deathmatch".


                                                  The fact of the matter is that everybody shouldn't be penalized for not playing with a group of guys on their friends list. But I ultimately think the root of the problem is a bad mecenary option.

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                                                  as per the other thread, matchmaking isn't the issue. It's people quitting. When an entire team of 6 quits, anyone who joins will be either getting spawn trapped, or just utterly beat with no chance of winning. This happens a lot. I feel there are a few ways to fix this.


                                                  1. not allow anyone to join games with less than 5 minutes remaining.

                                                  2. only put players into games that started within 5 minutes.


                                                  I feel that people might jump to the conclusion that "if nobody can join with 5 mins remaining, the game will just end"


                                                  Yes, it will just end, however, it will end the way the game was going to anyway, just MUCH faster. (20 seconds instead of 5 mins of spawn trapping). The lobby will then be open for a fresh game and new players to join without having to join in the middle of loadstar and dogs with an orbital up.


                                                  By putting players into games that started within 5 minutes could help ensure that you don't get put into games utterly out of hand

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                                                    I play solo most of the time to and I don't mind playing against full parties IF my team is at least some what competent, unfortunately most of the time that isn't the case.


                                                    I think one way to fix this is requiring parties of 4+ (or 3+ or something..) to play league play, this would give a greater chance of closer games in the public playlists, and possibly boost the popularity of the league play playlists, which I'm sure Treyarch would want.

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                                                      I actually like playing solo sometimes because I get a better connection than playing with friends. I'm in WI and they are in GA and like to be the host so I get stuck with laggy crap connections. I go solo and see lots of other people in the midwest and suddenly can actually hit people. I agree some of the objective games can be frustrating solo but what can you do? Find people to play with or suck it up. I'm with you. I played mercenary over the weekend for a change of pace from hardcore tdm and my team sucked, I had most if not all caps/bomb plants.