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    iDutyGamerz(iDG) Xbox 360 Clan

      If you have been looking for a hardcore competitive clan you clicked on the right thread.


      Who are we? -

      We are iDutyGamerz. iDG competes against other clans. Hopefully we can go against big name clans like Optic or FaZe later in the future.


      How to join -

      You must have a minimum K/D ratio of 0.90. If you have this add me as a friend on Xbox my username is iPuga1999. We will play a few games and if I feel like you are good enough I will invite you to the clan on Elite.


      Future Plans for iDutyGamez -

      If iDG gets enough people in the clan we will have separate squads and the best squads will go to competitions and things like that.