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    Peacekeeper On Zombies

      Does anyone know if the peacekeeper will be on zombies too? with all the crappy weapons they have on zombies they should spare us grace with the dlc weapon that might benifit us since they really couldn't find any other useful weapons to put in the game. and if it does will it be on all the maps including nuketown zombies because if it isn't why even put it as a dlc when they are going to limit use on game modes and maps.NTZ is probably the best map right now and it sucks ps3 had to wait a long time not even a few days ago to play it and has to wait for the revolution another month also because like i said tranzit is full of **** overrated and they overdid it. my first time pre-ordering and getting the season pass but the last time i will just wait until all the dlc comes out and not by the sp if another game is this bad with something i like such as zombies so if they don't have the peacekeeper on zombies it is bullshit considering the fact that all the zombie guns are horrible and weak but screw it BioShock Infinite (that won't be a waste of 60$ a very better game) will be out (before the revoltuion dlc does) i'll then stop playing this until i move out because by the time all the dlc comes out for ps3 i'm going to be 18 which to me is very sad haha n just let my girl play the stupid game.