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    Emblem creator ban, overly used buy other players in the wrong way in Black ops 2 ?

      Hi, I was banned for using the emblem creator forever, but that was only my first offense and my emblem wasn’t even that bad it was a “Nazi Emblem” I’m pretty sure you get a lot of those haha, but I was reported by a guy because he was mad that I was winning an my emblem just gave him a reason to report me. Its been a little over 4 or 5 weeks since that, but my thing is, is that was my first time ever getting reported an I should have gotten 2-3 weeks of ban from emblem creator and I would’ve learned my lesson, but I can’t ever use it after my first offense. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact someone to resolve this because I’ve seen people with profanity like a penis or even a black man hanging from a tree and they get reported an they get banned for 2-3 weeks, but my Nazi emblem got me banned from emblem creator completely. So if someone could please get back at me I’d much appreciate it. Thank You. Ohh an I’m on pS3: Nef-SiN is my PSN name.