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    Do you have a good clan?

      I need one so I can meet other people and work as a team!

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          Re: Do you have a good clan?

          Check us out brother - www.vendettagamingclan.com


          40+ members and very active - lvl 19 on elite.



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            Re: Do you have a good clan?

            Check us out!


            All I ask is for you to do clan ops and challenges!


            We will hit clan level 50!


            55 current members


            I need active members who will do clan ops and challenges, with this, we will grow fast!


            If you are not active, you will be kicked



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              Re: Do you have a good clan?

              Are you on a PS3?


              Looking for a clan that is competitive but also has a lot of fun?  The Closers is a collection of guys who are focused on being among one of the best clans out there.  When it comes to clan ops and challenges, silver badges aren't acceptable.  It's got to be gold, baby!  You must be willing to play in a clan op or challenge if you're online playing COD.


              But we also carve time out to have fun.  Every week we have intra-clan private matches, when we pump lead into our friends and elevate our game by going against each other.  We also have regular You-Tube challenges- activites that we are commissioned to try to accomplish in order to be put into a YouTube video montage. The Closers strongly value a high standard of class and respect for our team, as well as our opponents. We don't tolerate hackers, cheaters or racists. 


              Because we’re team focused, we look at each applicant's past game performances and evaluate what they have been doing to help their team win. Effective communication requires that you must have a mic to be a Closer.  If this sounds like a clan for you, send me a PSN message through my PSN ID (Brad_Vader13) or apply on our clan page on Elite at: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4175745. Also, check us out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theclosersps3


              Thank you!


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                Re: Do you have a good clan?

                check out Ashes of The innocent (AoTi) we are a very active clan that consider ourselves as a big family and always help each other out, we have over 60 active members and we play on multiple consoles xbox, ps3, wii and pc, our ps3 division is active in clan challanges and has gold tags, our xbox division is active in the leagues, we have a structured ranking system so we are not messy, we have our own website, forums and xat chat, visit our website ai-hq.com to find out even more about us and to fill out an application

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                  Re: Do you have a good clan?

                  what system do you play on?

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                    Re: Do you have a good clan?

                    Death2CampersClan (PS3)


                    Are you looking for a family to be apart of?  Death2Campers  is your place!  Were more then just a clan! We are a family!  Everyone gets along just fine! We are a great community and family!  Death2Campers has tons to offer for our members! Our members are based in Scotland,England,America and Sweden!



                    What We Offer

                    Once we have a lot of members we will have clan tournaments and many rewards for members that earn Member of the month,Member of the Year and many other things! Prizes range from money for your ps3 account to games and more!


                    What were looking for in members


                    We don't accept just anyone of course. But we are not strict on who can get in.

                    These are the following requirements you must meet in order to apply


                    1. Have a KD above 1.0 In Black ops 2

                    2. Must be fairly active on the site

                    3. Have a laugh with members

                    4. No BOOSTING at all

                    5. No Cheating in games

                    6. Respect other members



                    So if you wish to join add JamieN_1996 and apply on the elite website;




                    Our BO2 Clan is Level 9 (10 after tonights challenge)




                    Cant Wait To See You

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                      Re: Do you have a good clan?

                      check out YungSoldiers on elite or message me AJK459 on xbox. We work well as a team.

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                        Re: Do you have a good clan?

                        I'm in the best clan out there. 100 members,we hit gold in 'almost' all ops(bronze in 2) All british players,overall a good bunch of gamers. No you can't join

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