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    Dimond camo?

      Hey hey gamers just a thread about dimond.


      How many sets have you got dimond? i have Dimond AR's, and Dimond launchers only have to do the end challenges for my balistic to get crossbow and balistic dimond ^^


      No idea what im going to get dimond next. hardest is going to be pistols tho :'(

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          Got diamond snipers.

          Had the ballista dsr and xpr gold pretty fast.

          So I thought why not the SVU as well.

          Got the SVU gold in under 6 hours and got my diamond.


          Don't really care for the diamond camo's but since I only needed to do one more gun and the snipers are pretty easy to get gold.


          I don't think I'll be getting a different weapon class diamond.

          I like the CE digital camo a lot better than the diamond.

          I don't use the CE digital camo for the fact there is still a bug in witch this camo resets to default every time I restart the game and I'm to lazy to equip it every damn time.

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            I have the pistols Diamond and I'm working on the LMGs next. Lately, I'm just using whatever I decide though

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              i got them in this order xD




              Specials ( shield was a *****, took my poor KD ratio from 1.01 to 0.89 lol )


              Starting on Hand Guns next

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                Getting there now, im setting myself a 2 month period to get the rest of my guns gold :-D


                So far i have:

                Dimond SMG

                Dimond AR's

                Dimond Launchers

                Dimond Special (amazing to dimond)


                I'm half way in getting dimond LMG's now which i started on sunday morning :-D


                Tips and tricks welcome on Pistols as i will be playing HC for the headshots i would imagine


                Dont think shot guns will be that bad and snipers.. well we will see how that goes


                Your unput please. Legit ones welcome lol.


                <3 TizZle

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                  I've got Diamond Launchers and Shotguns, roughly halfway to Diamond ARs. I'll do LMGs next, no idea what I'll do after those though...

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                    Everything. Did crossbow &amp; BK in sticks &amp; stones, shield mainly in HC. Pistols did in HC, everything else split between core &amp; HC TDM &amp; KC, combat knife did in core TDM.


                    KSG &amp; shield were the only 2 that nearly had me in tears.

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                      i found the pistols to be easy except executioner. The hardest sniper by far is the DSR. The rest of the weapons are pretty easy.

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                          I didn't mind the Executioner, I've got a postive K/D with it, just. Only two I'm negative on are KSG & Shield.


                          DSR is the best sniper, it's the most reliable in core. I was suprised the XPR seemed to perform better than the Ballista for me though, had a fun 52 second 11 kill spree with it.