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    Black Ops 2: Biggest Dissapointment of the Year

      Been a fan of CoD since CoD 4. Didn't really have a problem with any CoD until this one.


      To start off, this game was sooooooo hyped. Everyday before the game released we were informed of all these awesome things that would be put in the game. Treyarch employees (like Vonderhaar) would constantly inform the community of how unbelievable this game was gonna be. They would act like it was something that no gamer had ever seen and that it was gonna change fps games forever.


      When it was released, obviously there was horrible lag issues. glitches, etc. This didn't surprise me or upset me. It was a new game, of course it will have some problems. Since the Treyarch team had talked about how much work and effort they had put into this game, of course they would fix all these silly little things right away, right?


      Has anything been patched? No, except for Treyarch banning people for doing the prestige master glitch (which is absolute garbage because it is their fault that there are glitches in the game) We still see constant lag to the point where the game isn't even fun. We still see little stupid things happen every game, like killcams not even showing anything, etc. Nothing has been fixed. Awesome job Treyarch.


      Next, I'd like to talk about the lack of innovation. "Oh, we put a pick 10 system in, and we modified the killstreaks so now it is scorestreaks" Yeah great job with that Treyarch, but Black Ops 2 is still the same exact thing as every other freaking CoD. Changing these little things is not gonna change the game, so please stop calling your garbage "innovation. This is the same crap we saw with MW3.