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    The Wrath of God Mode


      That feeling of unstoppable brutal killing power where no one can stop you.  Some may attribute it to skill, others see it for the massive advantage that it is. It has happened to me a few times and to people of various skill that I know, but what is actually causing someone with a typical negative k/d to have a single pro like game without camping and facing off against much better players?  Could jitter or a another network error when measured by the host be causing these god like player's latency to raise everyone in the room due to lag compensation? Does the host simply measure the ping once, and couldn't that be a temporary increase caused by jitter from either player or host as the test packet leaves the host and is sent back by the player. Jitter is also at its worst during peak hours which is the only timeframe I've experienced god mode. I just can't help but wonder if the problem that causes this is related to the huge delay that some players experience.  Have you ever experienced this god mode, and do you think it's an issue?

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          Yes few times, mostly when i am Host. When i am not Host then i get lot of instant deaths, i die by one bullet and such.


          I am not gonna lie, it is unfair. The whole game is unfair because of the connection differences between players in the lobbies, one player is 1 seconds ahead while the other is 1 second behind, total absurd.

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              This god like advantage you sometimes get as host probably has to has to do with the fact you shouldn't be host in the first place. Of your games, how many do you end up host? The game makes me host almost every lobby im in ( I can honestly say 89% of the games i've played i'm host in ). I never get this effect. In fact theres always at least one guy that is ahead of me.

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                  I knew someone will come up with that idea. This godmode effect is not always when i am Host but it still happens.


                  When i was Host in CoD4, i had a advantage, same with MW2, BO1 and BO2. Its common sense that Host is getting a advantage, only game where Hosting was bad is in MW3.


                  Can i ask where you from? my guess is UK, right? Fibre Optic is useless if you get matched vs players across the EU especially when you live in the UK.

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                      Disagree about the hosting advantage. It was an advantage in every COD up until BO1 and has got worse with every COD since then. BO1 was manageable, MW3 was atrocious and I hosted all the time. BO2 is just as bad as MW3, but thankfully I don't seem to host as often.

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                          It depends on many factors, 1. where you live. 2. how you internet connection is. 3. who you play against. and 4. how the game treats the Host.


                          You can have the best internet connection in the world but it will be useless when you get matched from players across the world.


                          I have no problems with being Host in BO2 and i know i am not the only one, if you have trouble while hosting then you get matched with the wrong people, simple as that.

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                              I agree, as long as the connections were stable i had no problem with hosting BO2 prior to the most recent hotfix. They changed something and it doesn't feel right anymore. Back on topic, I still never got god mode as host and if someone does in this game, it means they shouldn't have been picked as host for that lobby. 

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                                  I agree with the last 23.446.21 hotfix has changed something when being Host. Before the last hotfix Host was better in my opinion.


                                  I've noticed the difference because i always get Host when playing in the morning. I find the connection is overall much better in the morning than in the peak times.


                                  I personally don't care who gets Host as long everyone in the lobby gets a fair gunfight, which is mostly not the case, sadly.

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                              I live on the east coast of the US. I've never gotten this god effect as host ( maybe a few times on someone else's) but I've played against people who get it and it's usually on my connection (host). I have also played against host who have it and there connection is unstable (the connection bars in the lobby are all over the place). When I host most if not all always have 4 bars where in the previous game before it migrates to me in the pre-lobby people who 4 on me have 3 to 4 on the previous host.

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                                  I also had this kind of matches while being Host, i was Host and everyone in the lobby had a 4 bar with the exception of one 3 bar player, he had a 1 second advantage over me but overall Host feels better than client.


                                  When i get matched with UK players and they get host then these people become terminators, you can't kill them unless you shoot them in the back.


                                  I believe its the skill based matchmaking and the focus on skill level instead of connection.

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                            When I have the right numbers of beer = god mode

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                              lol ive had this a few times but what realy drives me insane are those games for the life of you doesnt matter what class you run you just seem to get owened can not get a kill then half way through the match something radical changes you completely destroy your oponents and go from 0-7 to 33-10 something is deffenatly awash with this game i cant put my finger on it this god like mode in the wrong hands is like playing 5aside adults v 4 year olds i feel cheapend by my succsess as i know im a pritty decent player but to be given this advantage all be it rare over average players makes my victory feel cheap and undeserverd.

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                                Almost every lobby has someone in god-mode. Its very rarely me.

                                Seems like its usually the players that i play with that run wifi and have youtube channels with cod commentary. so it usually happens to the same players.


                                Id say it has to do with lag compensation. but they can also recieve more damage which is wierd.


                                As for as the host advantage. Theres no such thing. unless maybe host has a fluxuating signal. I play with the same team alot. and when the host switches it always jumps to the same few people. and they rarely are at the top in those games.


                                I know when im host. and someone connection drops to 2bar. Everythings out of whack at that point. but the lag when you host deffinately "feels" different then when your not host.


                                either way its garbagio.

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                                    How do you know that his internet connection is bad? Its mostly bad matchmaking system, the host is to far away from you. The skill based matchmaking could causing it by putting you in lobbies where skill is more important than connection.


                                    The best internet connection in the world will become worthless when you get matched with people across the world and skill is more important than connection itself.


                                    I get paired with japaneses, americans, canadians, russians, british, everyone all the time, of course the game will be laggy, its the incompetence of the developer who think skill is more important than connection and when you ask them they lie directly in your face. Its not the first time the CoD developers have lied.


                                    Yes, its garbage.

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                                    I think everyone must have experienced this, I know I have. Its absolutley nothing to do with how good you are. If you are an average player know the maps and get on the right side of Lag (or whatever causes it) you will be unbeatable.


                                    I am convinced that in 99% of lobbies someone gets the 'God Mode' as you call it. If you look at the scores there is always someone who is way above everyone else. This isn't a skill thing its a random 4th tier perk you get allocated at any point in the game.

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                                        you are right about the rooms seem to have one player in it with an advantage it rare to find a lvl playing feild in this game personaly i feel whatever this smoothing code they useing is they should just get rid of it if you have a terrable internet connection tough go play lego online i hate the way you stab at someone to go straght through them and they apear behind you and shoot you in the back it is horrid

                                        personaly i feel they are going to do what they did with MW3 leave it for 8 months then patch it so it runs well my reason for thinking this microsoft are set (supposadly) to release the next gen this year so they now apealing to the casual gamers to compansate for the loss of the core gammers over to the new system wich is inevatble and the origanal team that thought this franchise up i bein hereing a lot of speculation they working on something that will make this franchise fizzle out how true time will tell but once it released im off to new system and hopefull for another 10years of intressting gameing

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                                        Had REAL God-mode for the first time in a game yesterday. It was very obvious. The other team had no chance. I'm a 1.67 KD player, and can regularly have 2.0 KD matches even if lag isn't overwhelmingly in my favor. But this time I went 44-2. It was so bad, I straight-on ran through an enemy's AN-94 bullets and knifed him in the face. My two buddies I was partied up with, who almost always go negative (and many times double-negative) went 37-4, and 24-8.


                                        I genuinely felt bad afterward.

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                                          I had one like that. It started towards the ending minutes of the match. I was able to get 10 consecutive kills. It seems like the enemies are not seeing me on their screens.


                                          I was also on the receiving end of this. I didn't realized I was lagging so bad until I was featured in the Final Killcam. On my side all I heard was the enemy missing a knifing attempt and I just dropped. The Final Killcam showed him missing the knife attack and used a Vector to kill me. This cannot be input lag as I am using a sub 1-frame gaming monitor.

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                                            It really is ridiculous, last night and the night before met up with person playing HC Cap he went 77-14 and was doing nothing eles but kill whoring i did try to take him on but after seeing him take out three guys that where facing with the greatest of ease i decided to slow my role and take a more defencive role on the team, he of course was runnning around with an smg silenced nothing against them but when they start taking me from across map i try to stay away so i can focus on winning the game. God mode i can handel but when players start talking trash about "Ima beast son! Get on my level Son!" and are so oblivious to the fact that they had an advantage, that gets me sometimes.

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                                              I got this "god mode" feeling quite a bit closer to release. I am typically a .75 - .95 KD in CoD games, as I tend to be more focused on capping, defending, planting, defusing, etc. Recently though I have not gotten this (probably been a month or so). When this WOULD happen, I honestly felt kind of dirty lol. I could tell I was OBVIOUSLY ahead of most of the enemies I was killing.


                                              Example (God Mode):

                                              Come around a corner on Yemen, see the guy crouched by the rock in a shadow pointing his gun at the corner I came around, he does NOTHING (doesn't see me on his screen), I draw on him and kill him with 3 type 25 bullets with 3 hitmarkers to the chest (core mode). He never fires.


                                              Sure, when I was experiencing this it was nice having 35 - 18 KD games (btw, that is like super beast mode numbers for this guy ) but I hated it just the same because I knew that guy I killed was having the type of experience that I usually have.

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                                                I like to refer to this as the "magic connection".


                                                When I get one, I use weapons I wouldnt normally use such as the executioner, because your enemies have no chance regardless of what weapon you have.