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    New Xbox 360 clan iDutyGamerz(iDG) join now!!

      Hello if you've been looking for a good competetive clan to join well you clicked on the right thread. iDutyGamerz is a competetive clan we just need people to join add iPuga1999 for a tryout we will play a few games and if you are good I will invite you to the clan on elite.

      Clan Rules-

      -must compete in clan activities it's okay if you miss a few but many misses will not be tolerated

      -miss as few meetings as possible

      - age 14 and up

      -no harassing


      How to join clan-

      To join the clan add iPuga1999(me) as a friend and I will give you a tryout if you are food enough I will invite you to the clan on elite.