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    What time is clan ops ?


      What time is the kill confirmed clan ops in the uk for ps3.

      Because elite not working again.

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          Sorry SUM1SLY83,

          Every weekend, Clan ops starts on Saturday at 10pm - 1am (UK time) and Sunday 6pm - 9pm (UK time).

          If your in US, this will be 8 hours earlier. So Saturday 2pm - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm.

          Hope i've helped.


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              Do the challenges start at 4pm or 5pm ?

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                  Daily Clan Challenges start at 5pm every weekday (UK time) and end the following day at 4pm.

                  Obviously if your looking for US times, it's 8 hours earlier.

                  In case your still struggling with Elite,

                  Monday: Most wins in any game mode

                  Tuesday: Most Captures in Capture the Flag Core mode

                  Wednesday: Most Captures in Domination Core mode

                  Thursday: Most defend in Capture the Flag Corw mode

                  Friday: Most kills in TDM core mode

                  Saturday: Clan Ops - Kill Confirmed, Most confirmed kills.

                  Sunday: Clan Ops - TDM, Most Kills.