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    What Unlocks when you hit Prestige Master

      There is lots of speculation out there as to what does, and what does not, happen when you legitimately make Prestige Master.


      Well, I finally did tonight (played: 20d 1h 43m 1s)


      - Prestige 10 by the way, only gives you the option to Reset the Account, refunding of tokens isn't there (not sure about adding create-a-class as I had already taken all of those)


      At Prestige 10 lvl 55, all XP progress bars go away, but you are not advanced at that moment to Prestige Master. You make PM after you have racked up another levels worth of XP, just like you needed to for all of the previous Prestige levels.


      When you are promoted to Prestige Master, a screen will pop up telling you you made it and then everything that requires a token to unlock becomes unlocked. (Weapons, Secondaries, Perks, Wildcards, and Score Streaks.)


      You will still need to work on Weapon Prestige, Camo and Attachments.


      For all you slimeball hackers out there who used a PM glitch to get it... you suck