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    Got probation for no reason and lost my unlocks?,,,,, not happy at all!!!

      First off, I'm a 46 year old guy who gets on for a couple of hours to play with a few friends each night. We don't care about our "KDR" stats, we don't boost or glitch or anything. I find this game hard to play and get very frustrated by it- would probably still be playing MW3 but my friends all play Blops2. With that being said, I usually rarely go positive and it takes forever to get up enough points and levels to prestige. I finally prestiged once and was mostly through to a second one when I logged on the other night and got a message saying "You are on probation for quitting early from league play games" and found that my custom classes had all been reset and I lost the ability to create a class for a few games. I was perty pissed off because I don't quit games early and don't even play "league play games" all of my friends are across the country and there are a lot of times when we party up and join a lobby one of us will get dropped and we imediately back out to pick up the player left behind- anyway, I prestiged again tonight only to find that I did not get an "unlock tocken" and not only did I not get the tocken the scorpian I unlocked from my first prestige was gone-  Seriously,,,,,, this pisses me off!!  all the crap I see going on and I get busted for no apparent reason?!  Does anybody have any thoughts on what I can do about this?! I am about ready to break this disc in half and go back to MW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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