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    Why is Quickscoping in the game?

      This post is not to intended to start another debate on QS.I just want to know why it is in the game. Prior to release it was reported around the net and in a "Game Informer" article that Treyarch had come up with a range of measures to prevent it. So why is it in the game? Were Treyarch pressured by Activision to put it in? The hardcore Blops1 players on my FL were shocked and disappointed to say the least. Not only was QS in the game it is now easier and more common than it has ever been.Most of them have already given up on the game,and the franchise, as a result. People on these forums say it takes skill but it doesn't. I accidently picked up a sniper rifle in game and was Quickscoping a second later. No effort or skill required at all. So does anyone know the answer? Did Treyarch make a deliberate decision to put it back? Was the news that they were removing it a lie? Or is it still an exploit that they simply can't fix?

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