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    whats nooby in this game?

      heyooo, im new to the forums and to black ops 2. however, i consider myself to be a bit of a cod veteran having probably spent over 50 days played in the other cods.


      so im going through the guns, and i'm at lvl 27 i think. somewhere there. anyways my friend said i was being nooby running around with the pdw. he said smgs are overpowered. i only have a couple hours played but i didnt find any of the weapons in the game overpowered so to speak, so far anyway. i havent complained about a single weapon or attachment that ive used or has killed me.


      now i know for sure claymore, betties and shock charges will make me rage without fail. but all the guns seem really balanced! i havent encountered to much rapid fire which always pissed me off in mw3 and bo1. so im happy with the game so far


      are their any noobyish weapons in the game? any guns that are commonly used but looked down on by alot of people? like the aa-12 mw2 or the pp90m1 with rapid fire in mw3.


      thanks for reading this!

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