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    Major problem in Call of duty world at war

      ..a while back.. someone helped me hack my way to 10th prestige... now a couple of weeks ago.. i turned on my xbox and wanted to play call of duty world at war. I was shocked:


      lv 1. stats reset. all basic items/ features that you would get default (stopping power, Thompson, type 99, frag, all default items) are locked. I can only use the items that I would unlock after level 4. when a match starts  a red grenade warning on the bottom of my screen appears. the warning says something about setting grenades to frag two warnings come up at the start of every match.


      i do not know what to do. I still love cod5 and want to play it, but its a pain in the -Yoink!- w/o frags, stopping power, and my beloved Japanese lmg. what should i do? how can i fix this? should I prestige and see what happens? should I clear my WaW stats all together?