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    AHHH I raged so hard i pooped a little

      F*** this game! F*** in the a**!!!


      I hate that people can kill me with guns and bullets WTF! If i shoot you i expect you to stand there and die...if i see you and you see me you should stand there like a wild west dual shoot at each other none of this moving a shooting. you should always run around with a knife and a pool noodle and let me kill you to satisfy my need to for glory in my life! It just p*sses me off that ppl just go around shooting me for no reason...get a hobby..its not my fault i go 3-45..the game lags, ppl with modded controllers, stupid att internet, im sure nasa has something to do with and terrorists who cheat oh and the GOD D*** CANADIANS!!!!! i got skills because one time i went 17-6 so i know i got skills...this is bullsh*t













      ps im not really raging lmao