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    Rigor: Now Recruiting! Earn MSP

      Definition from the dictionary: Rigor- Severity of living conditions; hardship; austerity.

      Leader: Primal Peace

      Website: Currently not under construction

      Members: 1

      Welcome to the page of Rigor. We are a clan dedicated to the objective. Remember this in Rigor though: Strength in numbers.


      We take out all enemies and we leave no man behind.


      Requirements to join Rigor: Blue Requirements are not required, but recommended.

      Must own Black Ops II

      Be over level 25

      Be dedicated to the objective

      Have Skype or an headset

      Must be at least 13.

      Be a member of Call of Duty ELITE


      Rigor is a clan based on all game modes and play styles. We do the following: Zombies, Quickscoping, Custom Games

      Rigor does play other games as well as a clan. The other games are: Halo (3, Reach, and 4), Battlefield 3, GTA, and Minecraft.


      We take boosting very seriously, and anyone that boosts in this clan will be kicked upon the information coming to me. We follow rules of Treyarch and Microsoft. We do not tolerate those who get banned from Xbox LIVE or from Call of Duty Black Ops II.


      Rules of Rigor:

      Follow Treyarchs and Microsofts rules

      No double clanning

      Do not play against other members in a online game

      If you break any of these rules, a probation/de-rank/ban from the clan will be carried out

      If you are taking a break, inform the me (the clan leader) of your break.

      We do ask of you to participate in clan ops+challanges, must participate in at least 2 a month.


      We do accept ANYONE with the requirements, but we are strict on our rules. I do take certain exceptions to the rules, but this is rare. Do NOT expect them.


      How to join:

      Do one of these:

      Send a message to Primal Peace

      Post on this thread.

      Send an application on COD ELITE (Clan name: Rigor)


      Ranks: [Each rank is to be displayed on your emblem if you are Sergeant or above.]

      Private: To get, you must simply join

      Specialist: Must be in the clan for 5 days

      Corporal: Must be in clan for 3 weeks or must invite 3 members

      Sergeant: Must be in the clan for 1 month and 2 weeks or invite 10 members  [Must be this rank to be a Division Leader] +Win 100 MSP

      Lieutenant: Be in clan for 2 months or invite 20 members or become a huge influence on the clan

      Captain: [Highest Normal Member Rank] Be in clan for 3 months and invite 5+ members and be a influence, and/or be a good division leader +Win 400 MSP

      [All ranks below here are clan leaders and moderators]

      Major: Division Leader + ability to put members on probation [Max: 5]

      Colonel: Division Leader, ability to vote on banning or probation of members [Max: 4]

      Lt. General: Ability to promote members, ban members, be a division leader, make big dicisions, update website [Max: 2]

      Commander: Leader of Clan with access to everything [Max: 1]




      Rigor contains various Divisons, these divisons indicate what the players play and how they play, each division has a leader that is based on being the best in that division with a rank of Sgt. or higher. Players can be in multiple divisons, but only the leader of one. There are tryouts each 3 weeks to become a divison leader. You can try out for up to 3 at a time. If you win all 3 or 2 of them, the runner up takes your place of whatever one of your choice.


      Zombie Division:



      Quickscoping Division:



      Core Division:

      Leader: Primal Peace


      Hardcore Division:



      Campaign Division:



      Halo Division:



      Battlefield Division:



      GTA Division:



      Minecraft Division:


      Upon the first to join, they will get to choose a division and they will be the original leader of it, but as this clan ages... the leaders will get more diverse and only the Sgt. and above will be accepted as division leaders. Expect this near the beginning of March.


      Members List:

      Primal Peace


      Thank you all for reading, I hope you will consider joining the clan Rigor. We accept anyone on ANY skill level. Thank you all.


      This information is all accurate as of 1/19/2013

      Last Thread Update: 1/19/2013