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    What could IW do with MW4 to catch up with Black Ops 2?

      Black Ops 2 is a almost perfect game and its hard to find a real issue in the game mechanics and balance. I don't wanna talk about the network issues some have so please don't mention the lag for once, lets focus on the game mechanics, balance, and all the details that come with the game.


      How can Infinity Ward catch up with Black Ops 2? i personally think its not possible to beat BO2 in term of quality. Infinity Ward games are always unbalanced and filled with cheap stuff like deathstreaks and overpowered weapons, by overpowered i am talking about a weapon that is far superior to all the others, don't be confused with overused.


      What do you think, can IW catch up with BO2 succes? and what do they have to do to beat BO2? bringing Specialist back? new gamemodes? complete new game mechanics?


      I personally think that if MW4 is just like MW3 but with new Killstreaks and Perks then it will be a total failure for me, i expect much more content than the usual stuff, something that blows my mind.