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    Anyone else go for the 3 pointer on RAID? (Interactive Basketball fun on raid)

      One thing I've liked about the black ops series is the interactive aspects of their maps. They really put a lot of detail in their maps that sometimes gets over looked. Anyway, many of you may already have discovered this fun and conquered the mission. For those of you who didnt know, you can actually shoot the balls that are on the table on the map raid into the basketball hoop.


      Even when I knew I made it, theater would always seem to deny me and make the balls do something completely different or the balls would just dissapear in general. =(   Finally got it to all sync up, yay. (Just in time for the championship). Have you guys tried making these shots?


      I have to say this is my favorite interactive aspect of a map to date. The missile on launch was pretty cool in BO and sometimes annoying, but the basketball hoop takes it to a new level for me. What about you guys meow?