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        asianman12 wrote:


        It's a little thing called luck.  The Hipfire spread for the Snipers is very wide.  Maybe 2/3 persons wide.  So whevever you get no scoped or whatever the dude was just very very lucky. 


        They aren't going to make it so snipers don't work up close. That's a stupid idea. Very very very stupid.  It's not the snipers that are a problem. It's just that you are very unlucky. I don't have a problem with getting randomly killed by a sniper from close up(heck I wish I could pull it off but it barely ever works for me). The Snipers are fine how they are.

        The worst part is. This thread is coming from one time that a guy got a lucky kill on him. ONE TIME... and he had to come in here and post about how terrible it is, make it seem like that happens soo often, and that because he died he deserves to be treated like a king and get his way. Basically he was sniper rifles to shoot out rainbows and butterflies while his full auto smg shoots 50 cal rounds

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            Lol, you guys kill me, you want me to pull stats that I have NO way of getting because I don't work for Activision/Treyarch/Sledgehammer or Infinity Ward and then you quote these random percentages trying dispute my claims. Where are you getting your numbers from? Do you have direct access to a forum DB admin at your disposal? Do you say hey this guy just said SO many people have complained about this I need your to run a query so that I can disprove what he said. I'm willing to bet you didn't. With that being said, I have watched these forums over the years and have seen MANY of the same complaints OVER and OVER and OVER again MANY MANY times. Let me ask you this if there aren't "SO" many complaints why does at least one post in the thread say they are "getting tired" of seeing these threads. If there aren't "SO" many why are there debates on websites all over the internet.  If there aren't "SO" many why did Treyarch even attempt to try to tackle it in Black Ops 1.


            And so if they took out the ability to use perks to enhance the speed at which snipers could maneuver their weapons that yes "EVERYONE" would be affected, but as I recall before MW2 I don't really remember players saying you know what I really wish I could have the ability to aim really quickly so that I can shoot somebody 5 to 10 feet away with my sniper.


            And let me just make something clear like another player mentioned on the forums. I don't have a problem getting legitimately killed by a sniper. If he is off in the distance and he pops me, fine I got killed by a sniper. I do have a problem with snipers having the ability to fire off eight shots faster than an assault rifle and only one of them has to hit you, but that's another story. What I have a problem with is I am close to getting a scorestreak/killstreak whatever you want to call it, or stopping another guys scorestreak/killstreak and I come running around a corner run in to a guy with sniper who is only a few feet away and have him pop me once with a sniper rifle when I am unloading bullets in to him. And while it does not happen "EVERY" encounter, it happens "WAY" more often than it should. I think that has been the main complaint from day one and it will always be the complaint, and how ANYONE can think that this makes sense or thinks that it's not important enough to warrant a change is beyond me.

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              WOW, See it's comments like this that are just ignorant.  You think this happened to me three times and I just said "OMG, this is the 3rd time I've EVER had this happen to me in Call Of Duty and now my voice must be heard" how idiotic is that.  I don't know how old you are or how long you been playing Call Of Duty but I am not some kid who is flying of the handle about a couple of random occurrences. I am a LONG time Call Of Duty fan who has spent many hours having fun playing the game. But has also spent close to 200 days played dealing with these types of frustrations. So I would think that allows me to give pretty good analysis of many aspects of the gameplay, would you say?

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                well i guess if you were so close to your scorestreak you should have camped a little harder


                You have the advantage in a fight against a sniper in CBC. If you lose get over it.  That means either that guys is skilled or he got that 1 out of 100 lucky shot.  Get Over IT.  Sniping/QS is a big part of CoD now, if you hate it as much as you seem to go play BF3 or even My little Pony. I bet you wont get quickscoped there. 


                This game is 98% CQC so to make the snipers completely and totally useless in CQC like you want. they then become obsolete and you might as well just take them out completely. 


                When you show me a game in which you get quickscoped at least 20 times, each one should be in CQC when you shot and hit him with like 4 bullets already. Then, then i will believe your statements and i will retire my rifle forever.

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                  85. Re: SNIPERS ARE NOT A CLOSE RANGE WEAPONs

                  i kill people all the time at close range. so, yes, I would say they are.

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                    86. Re: SNIPERS ARE NOT A CLOSE RANGE WEAPONs

                    I am also a long time CoD fan nor am i a kid.  I had 80 days alone on MW2... yeah thats a long time i know.  It was my favorite and i still play it to this day.  And yes i have watched while sniping has grown since using the M40A3 ACoG in CoD4. which is one of the main places QS started.  the ACOG gave you faster ADS than with the reg scope. which is where the faster ADS from slight of had came from.


                    You have got to understand that this is a GAME. And if you think you are having fun running around with a smg trying to get your little scorestreaks and worrying about your KD, then your not having half as much fun as someone running around with a bolt-action sniper rifle getting kills and trying to stop people like you from getting scorestreaks.  Again i say... this is a GAME. it is meant to be fun for all. Not just for you. if they take away QS they are taking away fun for more people than they are making if more fun for. 


                    This is an Arcade game, not a Realistic War simulator.

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                      87. Re: SNIPERS ARE NOT A CLOSE RANGE WEAPONs

                      "P.S. i really hope i was one of the snipers that made you write this thread "


                      and there it is. 95% of the reason why people create Quick/Noscoping classes, Shotgun classes, anything that may invoke a reaction. They want attention and it's the "in" thing to do, make people angry hence the "you mad brO? lawl" reactions that you hear after you tell them to **** off.




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                        88. Re: SNIPERS ARE NOT A CLOSE RANGE WEAPONs

                        Yeah ok you're an idiot, and I can tell by your responses that you are young and you don't get it and that's fine. I just don't have the energy to continue. All I have left to say is that you and so many of the commensenseless drones are the reason why games are the way they are today, and why in the future we'll probably have racing games where cars have wings and run off of bubble gum and shooters have guns that shoot butterflies and slim jims, and you will some how try to justify how shooting a guy in the eye with a slim jim and his head exploding is logical.  You have a good rest of your day!

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                          89. Re: SNIPERS ARE NOT A CLOSE RANGE WEAPONs

                          Rize_BHo wrote:


                          This game is 98% CQC so to make the snipers completely and totally useless in CQC like you want. they then become obsolete and you might as well just take them out completely. 


                          Tell me about, except you can add LMGs to an extent.  I suppose the rapid fire attachment on the LMGs compensate for the overly favouring of CQC.  Just means if someone wants to use rapid fire for aggressive play, they're going to appear on the radar unless they use Primary Gunfighter because Adjustable Stock is a must really.  It's not for locking down/overwatch roles but you won't get as many kills doing this because of map design.


                          I'd feel more comfortable using a SR in getting more kills than with an LMG at times though.  They could make a map like Bog where I can flank snipers and mow them down mostly unseen.

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