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        I'd love it if they took jumping back to the BO1 standard where you couldn't fire until you landed.  That would cut it down alot but I have to admit that since it's in the game this way, I have taken advantage of it to drop down while spraying an opponent below me.  That can be fun but just jumping for jumping's sake I don't have any use for.

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          I've run into good players that are running engineer and they know my claymore is placed in a certain position. They run and jump over it while firing around corners to avoid the boom. Smart. Doesn't always work since they still don't know if/where I may be or a teammate may be around that corner. Plus I think the mentality is,  "If I jump at the guy, they will auto aim up into the air and over compensate which will make them miss." Think of it as a the reverse of drop shotting even though drop shotting in this game seems a bit more difficult.


          It is stupid if people are just jumping around in wide open spaces. That won't help.

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            It's the ones that spend the whole match jumping in the air non-stop. It's just stupid and takes away form the game personally. I can understand jumping around a corner or if you're coming out of a window. But to run around the map jumping all the time I get annoyed. It's just a pet peeve of mine

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              Or how bout...


              You can fire, but your accuracy is terrible?

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                I understand...


                Yes it is dumb (looking), but I think people do it "in case" they get hit... they do not become sitting targets while trying to figure out where the shot is coming from? not sure...


                But I bet people find it no more annoying than the infamous C word.

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                  Honestly, they can do it all they want, I still kill them 9 times out of 10 when they do it.

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                    Halo-Hoppers are a bit annoying but once you get used to it bunny hunting is not too tough.

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                      I would like this. Hipfiring while jumping seems to still be as accurate as hipfiring while laying prone with a Laser Site. Even a gun motion that causes you aim to go in a different direction other than straight ahead. Something to bring some sense into the action

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                        Jumping around corners and jumping every where has been I. Some fps for quiet a while... In CS 1.5/6 it was almost a skill to learn how to bunny hop effectively around corners... Also considering the amount of skill needed to play that game it just makes shooting people harder.. I don't play with aim assist on bo2 so it doesn't effect me the aim assist sucks ass anyways

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                          Amongst other things in halo that is unrealistic,jumping is one.But the real reason you may see people jumping is it kinda helps in those up close situation when the enemy runs near/past you out of sight. for some reason shooters make it impossible to turn around in a prompt fashion without it going completely out of control, causing you to die in that situation. Now once they run by and you lose sight, jumping up and back will "sorta " help  with re-ajusting in that situation.doesn't always work.(especially if you factor in the lag comp and your own natural reflexes).


                          Now the little kids are just monkey-see monkey-do by nature (which expains 92% of problems with online games today).They saw someone do that to them or someone do it on youtube and they try it. Blame it on a future without originality...