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        90. Re: Target finder



        Maybe I'm missing something but I use the TF with the SMR regularly and it still kicks like a mule.  If the TF is reducing recoil then its too little of a reduction for me to notice.  We usually see eye to eye on a number of issues but respectfully, we'll have to just disagree on this one.  Additionally, the periphial vision cut off is substantially greater than that of the ACOG.  The ACOG takes up the middle of the screen quite well but you can still see around it.  The TF completely cuts off the edges of the screen leaving only the magnified middle for you to look at.  And another oddity that I've noticed with it, is that from time to time the crosshairs on the TF will start jumping around a little all on it's own.  It's pretty distracting when you are trying to follow someone.  Not overly troublesome but definitely annoying.


        All that being said it is a rather useful attachment and as you've mentioned, I can guarentee that it does help people get kills that they probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise.  That's the primary reason that I use it on the SMR.  It's a great gun but I'm not found of the iron sights and I like to use it at a distance which makes finding targets more difficult especially with all of the headglitch spots.  The TF solves both of those problems for me.  And because of the way that I use it, it minimizes the periphial vision drawback of the TF.

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          91. Re: Target finder

          TRU11 wrote:


          Does the crosshair of the TF turn red??


          Does the perk say no red crosshair ??


          if both awnsers are yes then STFU and move on.

          nobody is waiting on you talking about germans and whatever BS and going from resistant to resistence and even trying to say that hipfire is targeting.


          im done talking to someone who doesent even understand something very simple.

          If you were to actually take the time to read, you might learn something. Oh no! Not that!!


          As I said, you only want an excuse to complain about something. Since you don't know game mechanics at all, I won't even bother going into that heady direction (it's beyond you.)


          Why not just rename this thread to: "We want there to be a perk that completely disables the enemy's Target Finder, while still allowing us to be campy ******* with it against them."?


          At least then you'd be honest with yourself for a change. Tru11? My ***! You need a new name, cause it doesn't fit... Unless it means ACTING 11.

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            92. Re: Target finder

            A counter to the target finder: Cold Blooded. The red-crosshair argument was strictly aimed towards hip-firing, and not the target finder. You won't show up as a huge red diamond on the sight. I think that's more than enough of a counter. If you're arguing that the crosshair on the target finder turns red, causing your death, then stop sitting dead in the middle of it. STRAFE; you have that option. YOU HAVE STOCK, for crying out loud. If you dislike using Cold Blooded and would rather use something more "useful", then that's your own fault.


            Stop the crying and accept the fact that target finder is in the game and each and every one of us can use it freely if need be. I too have used it on LMGs and find it extremely useful, especially for defending certain points or clearing off high traffic areas and campers for my team, so that we can move forward. At the end of the day, though, the LMG is tough to run around with, even with specific perks. As a result, an LMG user is always vulnerable to something unless their enemy is not smart enough to try and flank or use tools to help kill the player.

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              93. Re: Target finder

              phxs72 wrote:




              Maybe I'm missing something but I use the TF with the SMR regularly and it still kicks like a mule.  If the TF is reducing recoil then its too little of a reduction for me to notice.

              I find the SMR is one of those guns that has a massive amount of recoil no matter the sight. Try using the TF on an SMG and you'll notice a huge difference in the amount of recoil. Particularly the MP7 or PDW, the doesn't even move



              As far a periphrials go, I find that the ACOG being in the middle of the screen is much worse the TF limiting the edges. Sure you can look around it but I'm more interested in seeing the middle of the screen the what's on the edge. Most of the time my eyes are already focusing on the middle. If I was concerned about the edge of the screen I would make that point the center

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                94. Re: Target finder

                i have to agree with you.. i dont knwo why the people who use the TF get so much crap for using it, when it can be countered.. i mean yeah its not the coolest kill cam view  but who cares..


                poeple just make up any excuse to call something noob, if they see they are dieing by it

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                  95. Re: Target finder

                  I really love how you resort to insulting people in an attempt to make a point. Your also under the delusion that because people are complaining they must be campers when infact its the campers that use this attachment.

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                    96. Re: Target finder

                    lol @ "journalism".


                    Seems kind of hypocritical, seeing as you quoted one sentence from my entire previous post, and completely ignored the part where I specifically stated:


                    "it does not reduce recoil or improve accuracy any more than the other comparable sights"


                    If you bothered to take the what, 10 minutes, to actually fire just about any weapon against a wall with each of the various sights, as I did, to verify your claims before claiming them as "true", you'd see that there is very little difference, if any, in the recoil or accuracy between the Target Finder and any of the sights that provide a similar level of zoom.


                    Again, you've obviously made up your mind alread that it is overpowered and are not even willing to entertain the possiblity that you might be wrong.


                    That is why I quoted that one line from your post, because it sums your attitude on the subject quite accurately, IMO.


                    There's no point in my arguing the subject, since there is no possibility of changing your mind, so why bother? I'd only be wasting both of our time.

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                      97. Re: Target finder

                      I may just have to try it on an SMG.  I've never thought to use one far enough back to have a need for it.  I suppose it's because the SMGs at least to me anyway don't have a recoil thats all that difficult to control.  So other attachments just seemed more useful but it would make for an interesting experiment. 


                      As the ACOG goes we just use them differently.  I actually watch the sides which sometimes is to my detriment.  Trying to observe both magnifications simultaneously sometimes throws my aim off.  Which is why I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the ACOG but I definitely like the BO2 version of the ACOG better than the BO1 version. lol

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                        98. Re: Target finder

                        I like the look and feel of the ACOG minus the digital sights. I actually liked have the pyshical lines on the sight. I also like to move a lot witht the ACOG and don't spend too much time ADS. I spot movement with my eyes and then ADS for a closer look and to be more precise and effecient. My ADS time with the ACOG sight at most is 2 seconds



                        LMG benefit greatly with the TF. You can't really move around much with them as they're big and their stats favor ranged combat. So sitting far away over an objective is their strong point. You can also adjust yourself and your sights to cover a spot with your crosshair covering one point while still having a second or third spot in sight. You don't even have to actively look but just pay attention for red boxes.



                        That's why I don't like it. Sure I can get lucky and just barely be out of sight, but far too often the tip of my head throws the alarm and I'm dead

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                          99. Re: Target finder

                          lol yep sometimes I've got a stray hair out of place and I trip the TF too.  It's just the nature of the game I suppose.  I should adapt my ACOG style to the way that you use it.  Maybe I could turn my feelings for it to a love/fond acquaintance relationship.

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