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    Reaction times

      I am creating this thread because there's a chance some people are complaining about lag when it is not really lag's fault, and maybe this game is getting a lot of flak that it doesn't deserve.


      Have you ever run into an enemy and died before you even had a chance to react?  I know I have.  And it would be easy to say "Obviously, I'm lagging." 

      But then I'm a smart guy and I understand that there is an actual difference in reaction time among people... and that it could be that I just don't react quickly.  Here is a link to a reaction time test if you're curious (Google "reaction time test" if the link doesn't post).




      If their average reaction time is accurate, I'm about 37% slower than the average (average of 294 ms on 5 tries), which is significantly slower than the average person.  Even my fastest reaction time was slower than the average.  It stands to reason that someone who has really fast reaction time (37% faster than the average, perhaps) would conceivably be able to kill me before I even have time to react.  And I bet on "off" days, I am extremely slow.


      Let me add that despite this, you will often see me at the top of the leaderboard at the end of a match.  Reaction/lag time is not everything in this game.. strategy (knowing when to rush, when to camp, when to flank, where to flank, etc), anticipating movements/aiming before the enemy is even there, and accuracy play huge factors in CoD games as well.  And sometimes it is not only reacting quickly but knowing HOW to react.  If you have a slow reaction time, do not lose hope -- work on other areas of your game.


      Regardless, before bashing the game, I suggest people check out their reaction times.  Chances are, if you have 4 green bars, it's not lag's fault, or hacking, that killed you.  Some people really do react faster than you.


      I'm curious though -- what are y'all's reaction times?  And with that reaction time, do you get killed before you can react (not counting times when you are definitely lagging (i.e., less than 4 green bars)?



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               Interesting theory.  273 here.  However, this doesn't explain me shooting first, getting 9 hit markers, seeing 2 bullets fly at me and I die.


          And I'm always at 4 bars.

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              first try mine was 197 but very interesting indeed I did land in the top forty though.

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                  I wonder if it has anything to do with quick twitch muscles which the good lord did bless me with and the fact I played basketball and football all the way through high school and recreationally into my late twenties.

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                  Good day guys,


                  Your right men, also i think your age and many other factors comes-in...

                  I am 44 and i play in avening, since i worked all day and my age.

                  After a working day i don't feel to run around and rush like hell !


                  I just want to relax with a cold one, so my reaction time is for sure slower then a

                  20 years old guy freshfull of energy . our time reaction playing style wont be the same, probably.


                  In Black OPS 2 i had to adapt because it's a very fast play.

                  Anyway, i always been a tactical player, for me a war game should be played more tactical &

                  strategically, just my 2 cents


                  Take care guys

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                  Interesting post.


                  1st attempt of 5 times clicks - 252.4ms


                  2nd attempt of 5 times clicks - 249.8ms


                  3rd attempt of 5 times clicks - 275.8ms


                  Did 3 to see how different the scores would be. I've got below average reaction times. Thought I would have cos I've always had slightly slower reaction times with all COD's since COD 4. Thought it would improve over years but it hasn't haha.

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                    1. This test is also going to be affected by latency.
                    2. Said latency will not be equal to what one experiences in game.
                    3. There is a difference between reaction time on a console controller and reaction time on a mouse (different movements).


                    Still, you're at least partially correct in a large number of instances blamed on "lag"; human nature is to blame something else rather than one's self.  But it's usually pretty easy to separate the posts made by people who just get outplayed/out-reacted vs. those who are capable of noting the difference.

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                        There is a difference and that's all he is saying. Reaction times are included in car stopping distances, so why shouldn't they be here too?

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                            Scorr wrote:


                            Reaction times are included in car stopping distances, so why shouldn't they be here too?


                            They aren't, actually.  The tests are computer-controlled.


                            Like I said, the OP is mostly right, but this test isn't necessarily going to give anyone the same results they get in games.

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                            Although I agree to an extent with all three of your points, I would like to make a couple of points back...


                            1. The test may be affected by latency, but the amount of bits transferred is so small that I would think the latency would be negligible with modern connection speeds.  Also, the test may correct for latency (by subtracting out ping times).  Finally, I believe these results correlate with reaction time tests I have taken before (such as in driver's ed class) and that my reaction time has always been around 300 ms.


                            3.  Though there is a difference in reaction time between the two movements, both are using your eyes and fingers... I doubt the signals are going to vary greatly in the same person.  In fact, I use my right index finger to both fire my gun and to click my mouse so as far as firing the gun goes, it should be about the same.  However, I do have to turn and aim as well which requires more movements/reactions so I do agree to an extent.


                            Mostly I am trying to make the point that a lot of people are overlooking the variable of reaction time, and this test can somewhat objectify it.


                            There's also a couple other factors people may be overlooking... if you are, say, camping in a corner, and someone turns the corner and shoots you before you had time to react... your first thought should probably be "Is a UAV up?"  'cause there's a chance they knew you were there and started firing before even turning the corner (plus, ghost doesn't work when sitting still).


                            And finally, what of blinking?  What if you blinked right when the person turned the corner?  I don't even notice that I blink when I play the game, yet I know I must be.  I think our minds fill in the gap as being one continuous view when in actually, there's blinking that takes 300--400 ms itself.  So if you blink when an enemy comes into view, you've probably already lost... yet I'm not sure I would even notice that I blinked.


                            I just wanted to focus on reaction times on this post, though, because I believe it to be something that is more commonly overlooked, or at least, something that people haven't tested and compared themselves with before complaining of lag.

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                                mis-Hap wrote:


                                I just wanted to focus on reaction times on this post, though, because I believe it to be something that is more commonly overlooked, or at least, something that people haven't tested and compared themselves with before complaining of lag.


                                Agree 100%.  Being that I'm older than the vast majority of people I game against, I've long since accepted that I'm coming out on the short end of the reaction time battle nearly every time.

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                              231.8 here.


                              By no means very good, but more than quick enough to shoot someone who is not looking at me...




                              I agree some people complain eventhough there was no lagg involved. But when i got at least 10 bullets out before getting killed and then not seeing myself shoot at all in the killcam is proof enough for me that its not just my reaction times.


                              It also makes it hard to appreciate the games where you are able to own the other team because you were probably on the good side of the lagg..

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                                Good point and interesting post.  It turns out that I'm below average as well despite having a good trigger finger.  If you think about it there probably are several gunfights where you thought that you should have won but didn't and it might very well be that the other guy just reacted faster.  I'm guessing that the lag that we think that we see (ie my gun fired first) may really just be the game not being able to display all of the action as fast as some folks can react.  So basically it's visual lag rather than you actually being behind via some lag comp.  I generally consider whether I'm lagging more so by how difficult it is for me to kill someone that isn't shooting me back than the head to head gunfights because things do get out of sync in game.  I mean how often has the announcer told you about a lightening strike 2 or 3 seconds after it's already gone through?  It's not an all the time thing but it does happen.  And that tells me that things are happening in the game faster than the game can keep up with.

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                                    Soon the reaction time board top 100 will be made up of forum members lol I managed 211 but yeah some people tend to blame the game first then self second.

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                                    I just scored a 290  lol ....... i know my reaction time is slower than some.....because my age 50+ and my eyesight isnt what it used to be 


                                    and the ability to react fast does help in the game......but does not always hurt  either, you simply change your playstyle to help offset reaction time differences...... but LAG can screw the fastest reaction times, or help the slowest reaction times .....


                                    You have to pay attention to both what and how the others are playing .....if you get tons of hit markers but never the kill.....you know its the lag not the reaction

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                                             Even at a 290, if 215 is average, that's less than 1/10 of a second.  So if you are already ADS and they are running, you have already made up the difference.  The problem is, they still kill you while your bullets hit air, then the kill cam shows you not shooting at all, just sitting there like a slug.

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                                        scored in the top 100 so its snot me!