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      So the problem is: I got mw3, BO and BO2 but for some reason since yesterday or day before, non of the cods work in any online mode(multi,zombies,coop) NOTHING. It only shows the same error message as if servers were down. HELP

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          If you are on PS3 then it's likely due to the network maintenance that started yesterday.

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            Hello Matsonx,

            As phxs72 said this is possibly due to the server maintenance that is currently taking place. If you can, please try to connect throughout the day and let us know of the outcome. ^JG

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                Hi thx, as I wrote before from all the games I have only call of duty series don't work online, is Sony doing maintenance for treyarch only? Or for some reason I was "disconnected" from the service. Oh and from all my friends online I'm the only one who has this problem, nothing like it on this forum either. Just tried, still server error...