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    Did i find Alternate Ending?

      Ok so this was Bothering me all night. I could not log into this site to say that last night i was playing Online with 4 randoms No one was talking at all. We got to round 16 and the electric guy jumped on the bus at the Bridge The bus made its way to the bus depot and we all hoped off Long story short we all got downed by the electric dude HERE is the intresting part.. After we were all downed It never Said Game over, It put all Four of us Back on the bus and drove around the Map Non stop not stoping at any spot. ALSO the bus driver was spining around saying "i told you they would get you, try again"




      PLEASE let me know if this has happend to anyone else. Im not trying to Bull **** any one and also im not the type to figure out easter eggs i Typically DO NOT CARE about them. But this was just extremelly odd the other random guys even send me messages if this was a glitch or what.