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    Trying to find a silver lining: who will still be playing after this Spring?

      And it's just not there. I was having such good games last couple weeks but this week is nothing but aggravation. The ping bars look more like the equalizer for a dubstep song, constantly bouncing from 2 and 4 bars. Every match is just pathetic with one guy going 10+ k/d and everyone else holding R1 down hoping to get a luck kill. I'm playing Hijacked 3 or 4 times per every other map and I absolutely can't stand that place. The spawns can't get any worse, it's just not possible. I'm spawning with the other team and it's whoever move first dies.



      So where's the good news? I really want to know because I'm running out of faith. My friend's list is nearly empty now. Normally I have 10 or 15 people online and filling a party of 6 used to be easy, didn't matter the time of day. Today I had 4 people playing and two of them were playing Zombies.



      I'm not sure if Activision is aware of this, but come early Spring a lot of highly anticipated games (many of which have been in BETA testing for years, Devs take note) are set to release:



      God of War: Ascension - March 12

      Injustice: Gods Among Us - April 16
      Tomb Raider - March 5
      Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Feburary 19

      Gears of War: Judgement - March 19

      The Last of Us - May 7

      Dead Space 3 - February 5
      BioShock Infinite - March 26

      Crysis 3 - February 19
      Grand Theft Auto V - Spring 13


      So the question is, is there going to be a push from the Devs to hold their market share of gamers? These titles are huge and long awaited. Anyone who's been paying attention knows these games are redefining quality. Amazing graphics, just look at the trailer for The Last of Us. You won't find high end graphics. Then there's Tomb Raiderwhich has been in testing for over a year in hopes of releasing a game that is as perfect as possible. The open world is massive and detailed down to the last blade of grass. BioShock keeps getting pushed back because of all the testing it's been going through.



      Is it possible that these games will spell the end of this troublesome franchise? Certainly it's going to bankrupt the series but I almost guarantee you that these upcoming titles will shake the foundation of Call of Duty forever. People are getting annoyed and once they pick up the controller and play these games which have been designed for perfection and not money making we will see a change ahead


      I guess the only silver lining to be seen is that Black Ops II will only make me appreciate a game that is well put together. After spending a couple years fighting for quality and playability, these titles will only seem even better

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