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    New YouTube serious, need advice.

      Hey there, so I have been thinking about making a string of episodes on YouTube for new zombie players or those wishing to improve their gameplay. As of now i'm building a general outline of how it is going to go and I wanted to ask the community what their thoughts were. My first question being, which part of the game do you struggle with most?


      Starting strategy?

      Zombie train techniques/paths?

      General gameplay/mechanics?

      Best guns/how to use them?


      Any feedback on what you feel you as a player struggle with the most will be greatly appreciated.

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          Your in the wrong place. M and many many others are vets. Sorry. :/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            its youtube make a video post links for it to advertise your channel and people will tell you on your feed about what types of vids they want to see.

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              No offense but honesly its probably a little too late for any of this..

              In general most of us on the forums are fed up with ANYONE posting youtube videos on here most of them are useless. (I realize your not saying you are going to post them all on here, just looking for ideas of what to make them about)


              The game has been out for awhile now, I can already search youtube and find answers to any of that stuff that you have mentioned. Your problem would be trying to stand out above all the videos that are already out there and really popular. And keeping that in mind I really dont have any suggestions. Most of us that have been playing since day one already have our ways of playing and doing things.

              Yes there are new players every day, just dont know what you would do different than what is out there already. But good luck mate wish you the best

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                I guess I could help. High rounds. Build money in the bank. Get perks from all the money in later games. **** train at diner or town. Or even bus depot. (One of my favorites). RPD pack-a-punched. The Jet Gun strategy is good. It looks like some newbies who haven't played since world at war will have trouble with buildables, so teach them what to build. Zombie shield is a good strategy too. My personal strategy without the bank is go to diner without passing round one. Buy MP5K. Wait a cycle (the time it takes for the bus to return to the diner after it has left). Turn on the power. Buy jug. Leave a crawler. Go and buy some mystery box weapons until you get something good. If you don't have a use for the turbine, get zombie shield. Very useful. **** train wherever you feel comfortable. Preferably the Diner, Bus Depot, or Town. Then eventually pack-a-punch. Then the game get's boring from there. Oh, and galvaknuckles are good for earlier rounds. Don't glitch. You will be hated.

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                  Wasn't expecting this many ignorant and self righteous posts haha. Out if the million on the leader boards you mean to tell me they are all vets and able to achieve high rounds. My goodness people worry me on these forums. Also of course the idea has been done. Near every idea has been done for a game on YouTube. It's the personality and character you bring that attracts people.

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                      I wasn't trying to be ignorant or an arse and yeah you are bound to repeat stuff,


                      And you have to think about your target audience,



                      If you want a million little kids just do what hurricane does and sit there blabbing about nothing showing nothing and I'm sure u will get followers,



                      But what's wrong with trying to show new and exciting stuff, and chatting about real theories showing good game play in the background,


                      I'm sure you could get even more followers and more respect from them at the same time,



                      Dude you do what you want to do, and what you feel comfy doing,


                      You can always delete them and shut the account down if it doesn't go the way you was expecting

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                      Personally I dont like videos that are 30 mins or longer. They almost always have 15-20 mins of stuff that coulda been cut.

                      Strategies can be good but make sure noone else has done them.

                      there are people who have thier strategy but still look and might take something from you and add it to thiers.

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                        if you are on psn add APEX_TGT