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    I've paid over $310 on Black Ops 2 - Nobody can help me.

      December 2012 - I was Console Banned from Black Ops 2. I called Activision, and they said: "We have no information on why you were console banned, and there's no way you can appeal it"  So alright, I'll go along with that BS, someone had to know what went wrong.


      Janurary 15th 2012 - I bought a new PS3, signed in with my old account and was console banned again. Nobody at Activison told me that if your account had a console banned associated with it, you would get every other console signed into banned.


      Janurary 16th 2012 - I returned the PS3 and got a new one. This time I played it smart.

      • Bought a BRAND NEW Ps3 - Not used, brand new off the shelf of Best Buy.
      • Made a new email address on Gmail.
      • Made a new Ps3 account with the brand new email address.
      • Plugged the Ps3 into a different ethernet port of my room (I live in an apartment and have 2 Ethernet ports)


      Signed into the BRAND NEW Ps3, with the NEW Account, and NEW Ethernet port.



      Guess what happens next?  Yeah, the Brand New console was banned.