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    CraveTheGame Gaming Community

      Hello Everyone!!

      I'm Miss Wotsit, the site founder of www.cravethegame.net !

      we are a community for all types of gamers, be it competitive, laid back or just here for the banter! CraveTheGame is a friendly place for people of all ages!

      We are a community that allows YOU to take control over what you want to see on the forums, our job is to keep you, the members, happy! In return we ask that you respect us and other peoples opinions, thoughts and, to put it bluntly,have a bloomin good time!!!!

      All the staff here are at CraveTheGame are really friendly so do not be afraid or hesitate, to contact us, pop by and say hello!

      If you have any questions then please ask us, it's what we are here for!! We hold regular games nights on a wide variety of games including the Call of Duty series and zombies!

      So...If this sounds just like you, why not come check us out, sign up and Crave YOUR Game!!

      We look forward to having you onboard

      Miss Wotsit