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    This game is a joke

      What should I do with my disc?  If I trade it in i'm sure Gamestop will give me $4.  This is seriously the worst COD i've ever played.  Some games i'm unstoppable and others I die without even getting a shot off apparently thanks to the killcam.  What I see in real time is not anywhere near to what the killcam shows, what the hell is going on here?   I have a wired connection, I have no problems playing Battlefield, just this game, what gives?  All this game is, is a bunch of people running around wildly praying and spraying, how can you release such a piece of garbage?

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          You have a few options:


          1.  Trade in the game.  The longer you wait, the less you'll get from Gamestop.  Trade it now and you'll probably get $20.  Trade it a month from now, you'll probably get $15.


          2.  Keep the game and take a break.  I went through this with Modern Warfare 3.  I just got sick of the game and decided to give it away.  I gave it to a neighbor.  Within a week, I wanted to play again.  I went back to Gamestop and bought a used copy.


          Just hold onto the game.  Keep it for your collection.  If you're that upset with the game, and never see yourself playing it again, trade it now.  Don't wait until it loses any more value.

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              I had to disconnect my wired connection and go with a wireless router. The difference is like night and day. I know, ludicrous huh? I think that it has been fairly well established here that many with superior connections are being handicapped by the lag comp program for some inexplicable reason.

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                  The nightmare has continued for me as well. The more I play the worse it gets. I try to make up for the lag by anticapating where to aim and it is just making things worse. I don't want to stop playing this game, but i may have no choice. I can't take it no more.

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                    I should try this. I get 3 UL 20-30 DL on PS3 network. (Actual speed is 15UL/76DL)


                    Most of the games I play is laggy, I'm a second behind esp. when I'm host.


                    The only game mode is FFA which works for me even I'm host.

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                    You're prety much right.


                    Take a break and wait a few hours, days or weeks.


                    It's really simple, if you hate the game THAT much then give it to someone else or sell it.


                    I have no problems with lag in this game, maybe because I live in NZ and we have small population.


                    I just feel sorry for people in America.

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                    Today was particularly bad for me. I had two games on Hijacked where I was getting triple and double kills but couldn't collect tags because the enemy was spawning faster than I could shoot them. I wasn't spawntrapping or at least I wasn't trying to, but my team was so spread out that the enemy was popping up everywhere. How can you have fun when you're don't even have time to think.



                    I guess that's what the Devs were going for

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                      This game has been a joke from day 1.  But the past 3 days its only been 45 min sessions. I always experience the curving bullets or **** not matching the kill cam but the past 3 days was been something else. The connection icon is on the screen 4-5 times a game. Every match is glitchy. 1 min I'm in a building and the next I'm outside. No DLC for me.

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                        DaBus367 wrote:


                        All this game is, is a bunch of people running around wildly praying and spraying, how can you release such a piece of garbage?

                        Its funny how some complain about defensive playing and others complain about aggresive players. There really is no middle area.

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                          Join the dark side


                          Use the PDW,MSMC,870,LMG target finder, FAL, AN94. you will  do a lot better and feel better trust me I don't usually use easy weapons but I did for about 3 games and got over my frustration.

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                            I stopped playing domination (fav game mode) because :


                            1 - no hard core (minor issue)

                            2 - I cannot cap the base flag because I get spring recoiled back to the start. It is like I have a rubber leash around my neck (major issue)

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                              mine has been back in the case for over a week now, I'm back to MW3, at least the hit detection is better, and lag is not nearly as bad for me, no frame struttering or rubberbanding, and I am still not as sick of the mw3 maps as I am the zBO2 ones

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                                It's not a joke... I guarantee this is them, looking at what we say...


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                                  you mad because you suck at the game?

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                                    ok Im going to make a few points here.


                                    1. Lag compensation does exist because of catering to players with shitty internet so people who actually pay money to not have shitstain internet suffer for it. Its a mitigation system so scrubs can feel good about themselves and to not make it an elitist's game.


                                    2. weapon knowledge- all those weapons people posted... PDW, MSMC, FAL, AN94, 870MCS,and a couple others are all scrub weapons that have no skill value which make them popular choices. I may use every gun but these weapons are the ones to turn to as they give off amazing versatility with exceptional killing power. However, you can identify scrubs vs truly skilled individuals. Also many people dont do their homework whe it comes to weapons. TTK (time to kill), DDR(damage drop off) are all alien to some people and those are only some variables. static and dynamic enviorments ( you know those trash cans your bullets cant punch through? those are static items. no statistical value vs guns. while dynamic items do. its experience and trial/error to figure it out yourself.


                                    3. maybe your just facing people better than you. in this game I've been called a hacker, a try-hard, a camper, and a glitcher. so i mean like wth there is no pleasing people I can grab 25+ tags in every KC match roll over my streaks twice but still get called a camper. so i mean roll with the punches is what im trying to say.

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                                        Hey, what are your favorite weapon setups that pump led?

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                                            it's dependant on the game mode me personally on game modes whereenemies will always be right on top of me i always go to the pdw its 50 round mag (65 with ext.clip) is an amazing choice for laying out multiple enemies in a single clip it may have a slower firing rate thabn most smgs but its good dmg and magazine capacity will always ensure your not hurtingfor ammo making scavenger nigh nessacary. Me in particular I run supp w/fastmag to add a bit of stealth while im in enemy terrirtory. and fast mag to halve the pdw's long reload of 2.59 seconds.


                                            if your looking for something a little bigger the MK48 is a great weapon to hold down sightlines with 100rds to the clip (135 with ext.clip) it may shoot slower than it's other brethren in the class but it has the highest DPR (damage per round) in it's class it's amazing range however makes it excel over its brothers only needing 3-4 shots to kill even at the longest distances. and with the slower RoF( rate of fire) recoil is manageable.

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                                          no dlc should be purchased by anyone until this 2 second behind crap is fixed. or at bear minimum fro them to let us know whats goin on and if we just have to live with tis or what.

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                                            this game is poor!

                                            The connection is most tame horrible.

                                            This game is way to sensitive (internet connection).

                                            If i play about 10 games with my friends, we loose the connection about 2 times and come back to the main menu.

                                            Why can't Treyarch make  a good game with a real server not with a private gamer host.

                                            But the greatest bug in this game is the respawning. you can respawn about 2 meters near your enemys and get killed then.

                                            No wonder that the most people call this game fail ops 2.

                                            There are a lot games with bugs, but this is hardly playable.

                                            Treyarch get back to school a learn how to program!!!!


                                            I'm sorry for my bad englisch.

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                                              I think people have forgotten about MW3...

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                                                So what I am hearing here is that I am not alone, and that by having a good internet connection I am being punished by people with crap ones?  That seems like the opposite of how it should be.  If I am being punished for paying for a good connection then I will just have to use the so called "cheap" weapons.  Thanks.

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                                                  MW3 is way better.

                                                  Spawnkilling ist almost impossible, because you can spawn on more points. so you won't spawn in front of your enemys. with my internet connection i played mw3 without problems. so the internet connection is not the problem. Bug Ops is the problem. why buy a season pass for that kind of **** bug game. that's a chiz. Treyarch should hurry up and make a patch.

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                                                    In many ways this game is a joke, biggest issues are obviously related to poor matchmaking and lag. I don't see how on earth Treyarch imagines their game is even one bit competetive and that this game would help in bringing e-sports closer to the masses, when  most gun fights are solely based on lag, not skill.


                                                    If the connection issues were not there, this would be an awesome game. They propably will never fix it, because previous releases are still broken too. I wish some other game would do the same for me CoD does (excluding the frustation thanks to lag), then i wouldn't have to deal with needing 2-3x the correct amount of bullets per kill, and could actually see a red screen on my screen also instead of the instant deaths, and would have to look at BS killcams where i'm not even shooting or my opponents just takes loads of damage but does not die.

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                                                      save it unil the next one comes out. all the suckers will buy that one, leaving you to play with less people on BO2. that's what i did for MW3 and BO.


                                                      in the mean time, get reaquainted with your other games. that's whay i did. i'm finally finishing God of War III. splendid game with NO LAG!