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        40. Re: increase of camping.

        How does this "worm character" inspire anyone?  What is so inspiring about using common sense and over abusing equipment/lethals etc. in a small confined area with only 2 entry points?  Nothing....



        I could write a small paper on how to do this gameplay (like this guy)....hand it off to anyone on these forums who have not seen this video footage before, and they will be able to replicate it exactly.  Why?  because it doesn't take SKILL to do.  Believe it or not...there are unskilled people here along with skilled people and both could do this very easy. 




        Also...this retardation could be countered super easy and I'd love to pop some of my FMJ rounds up his ass from bottom floor.

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          41. Re: increase of camping.

          I had never heard of the Worm and watched a couple of minutes... no inspiration there for me. Sitting still, waiting ADS.


          An EMP downstairs would net me huge points with all his kit then based on his aim in the first couple of minutes (which I am sure is formative in his strategy) he would be easy enough to take out; even remote with a grenade over the inside balcony if you'd rather not waste a trip upstairs.


          More to my dislike is the fact that while he or she is sitting tight upstairs waiting, 11 other people are fighting it out down below- no help to his teamates making it +1 for the opponent.

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            42. Re: increase of camping.

            Personally I love campers! They slow the pace of the game down and I love the entertainment  and drama they add. I say camp more.

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              43. Re: increase of camping.




              It's Core TDM. He helped his team by dominating with a final score of 23-1. He helped his team mates by diverting his opponent's attention to him. The opposition got so hell bent on flashing him out of his camping ground that they died multiple times in vain. Look at the scores of his team mates. 12-14, 11-13, 7-13, and 2-11. Only one other guy scored positive on his team. The Worm diverted so much attention from his team mates and they would have died more if The Worm didn't camped. In Core TDM, a strategy like this will fluorish as not too many players have a class that can deal with it.


              The Worm delivered and brought victory to his team and in TDM, winning is all that matters. The strategy and tactics used to achieve this goal is irrelevant and only the end result matter.

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                44. Re: increase of camping.

                I thought we agreed not to use this dumb word anymore since ghost is broken.

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                  45. Re: increase of camping.

                  With you 100%. This game has become...headglitch camp...corner/room camp...window camp...spawn camp. Thanks TA map designers. I'm willing to bet they are mostly hoarders by the ammount of random junk everywhere. Took the mw3 route on map design...oops. The good thing about this game, almost everything has a counter action. Although, this edition does encourage more campy and slow playstyles. It is what it is. I have no problem rooting campers outta there dug in holes, it's just boring after awhile. I'd rather lose close games to the same team 8 straight if they're pushing forward, then play one slow & campy game with a win. Fewer and fewer actual gunfights in COD these days. Just BORING!

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                    46. Re: increase of camping.

                    agree there is a lot more camping at present, but it wouldnt be call of duty if there werent any campers! it used to grate me when being shot by someone sitting in a corner waiting for someone to run past but, now i have made myself look at it another way.....the people who spawn, drop, stay, shoot, rinse and repeat are possibly not as good or qucik in responses like the gamers who can run and gun easily.

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                      47. Re: increase of camping.

                      Yet no mention that the opposite team was a bunch of idiots that didn't try to counter his strategy.


                      This gameplay isn't very impressive.  I mean really.  What is so impressive about sitting behind a shield for 99% of the game? If that is impressive then why aren't people making montages of the actual people playing the game?  I mean that is all we are really doing while playing this game.  Sitting.


                      Maybe I should make a "sitting" montage for youtube. 

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                        48. Re: increase of camping.

                        Don't see that much camping where I am.

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                          49. Re: increase of camping.

                          My experience so far is that there were a lot more camping noobs in black ops 1 than 2. Most of the time I see people camping it's because they're getting raped by the lag compensation and are getting owned by the other team so they just camp. And I totally understand them.

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