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    Shield & Axe

      I finally unlocked the shield this prestige, and created the class.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is, although I struggle with shield kills more than in past COD's.  Is there a perk or something that increases melee intervals?


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          Just play hardcore for one hit kills...

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              I'll have to try HC for shield kills then.  Is there no perk in this game that helps with the melee speed?

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                  No, no perks like that in this game. And the shield is a lot more difficult to use in my opinion (it's gotten more difficult since MW2), because you can be staring right at someone with it and they'll shoot you through the shield. I just got my shield gold yesterday but it was probably the most frustrating set of challenges in the game lol

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                      The shield was extremely annoying, but overall not that bad.


                      The stupid xbow bloodthirsty was hair pulling bad. First off you don't get scavenger packs for explosive kills. So unless its a direct impact kill (basically HC only) you can't scavenge. HC is nice because you don't need it to stick to kill them, but conversely 1 or 2 pray n spray bullets and you're dead. Core you need direct impacts and even then its only like a 90% chance of a kill BEFORE taking into account flak jacket.


                      Which leaves sticks and stones. You get a max of 6 bolts to stick 5 players. Not good odds in itself. Coupled with an always constant UAV and that balls knives run 1.3x as fast as you do. Along with B.knives being more accurate in quick draws and better CQB knifing.


                      And worst of all, the horrible aiming system. I believe it shares the same QS penalty as sniper rifles do. Even when using iron sights. There will be times when I bring up the sights dead on a stationary person to have it miss, but if I wait a second after bringing it up its much more accurate. Likewise lag makes this horrible as it is basically a one in the chamber type situation as you have little wiggle room (6 bolts 5 kills). One lag bolt and you're done.


                      So many times I would start out with 3 kills and 3 bolts to miss 2. Or a couple times I was literally face to face 1 foot from a person and missed. It has been the only time I have physically yelled at the TV. Getting 4 kills and then dying due to something stupid would make me stop trying for a few days.


                      With that said it did feel like an actual accomplishment when I finished it. Which no other achievement has in a CoD game (besides zombies).


                      People complained about combat knife blood thirsties, but it wasn't too hard for me. Just have to stay in close quarters and you're good to go.

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                  if you play HC for shield kills, expect A LOT of deaths cause they can spray and hit barely an inch of you and youre dead. i've been staring straight at someone and they spray and im suddenly dead in HC

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                      I've got a shield class, and a crossbow class and I'm trying to work them both to gold together.  I'm not too worried about deaths as you can imagine!  The problem is, I've got combat axes on both classes also, and they tend to hog most of the kills.