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    Stats reset by the local play

      Hey, I played BO 2 on xbox from about 1 week from release. I just played the game, i don't go to the forums and stuff. And recently a friend came over and we played a local game with 2 contollers connected, we were playing FFA (I dodn't know about the glitch because i don't go to the forums). The other day i found out that i don't have my levels. The stats are OK the calling card and emblem are also OK even the zombie levels are ok. I would really like if you guys let me have my levels back. I was 2nd prestige level 40 I used the prestige tokens to unlock guns permanently i unlocked the : Ballista, AN-97. I forgot my ELITE password, and the forgot password function sends an email really slow, so I was forced to create a new account. My GT on xboxlive is STAB3r
      P.S sorry if my english is not perfect, because english isn't my native language. Any response would be fantastic.