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    Stats reset?? after playing  a local game

      Hello I'm having a problem with the stats being reset on my profile Lannyman2 and my sons col1m


      we were playing a local game with us two and a guest profile we came back to the game and we had a message saying your stats have been reset,, the same happened when col1m logged in


      we have lost all our extra slots and unlock tokens as fallows


      lannyman2 lost 3 and all our unlock tokens but was given three permanent unlock tokens


      col1m lost 4 extra slots and all his tokens also received three unlock tokens


      the leaderboard stats appear to be normal,, though they wernt accurate after the server reset shortly after release which missed around 1000 kills for col and 5-600 for me


      who can we contact to fix this? I'd appreciate any help thanks

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