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    Lets see if my post can be taken off again. Lookin for some Ganja tokers to kill some zombies with.


      Any cool chronic smokers 17+ with a mic wanna kill some zombies?

      Hit me up on playstation "Smoke-_-a-_-junt"


      They wonder why all I do is talk [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] I bought a M game not a E game. This isn't for kids I should be able to say whatever I want. and put whatever I want on a game for ADULTS only right? i thought so.


      Oh, Marijuana is legalized in Washington and Colorado so I shouldn't get my comment removed cause im lookin for people to play with that has the same perspective. It's like removing my post for saying any alcoholics/drunks wanna play.. Which you shouldn't do cause to release this game to the public before testing it and getting all the bugs out you had to be drunk.

      I smoke and i've found about 50% of the glitches without looking em up. lol How about finding actually good game testers. Just a suggestion.