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        10. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

        Yeah, I only have one AR gold...but the longshots were thet hardest and last camo for me.  I found myself trying different spots on maps that I thought was a longshot....but it didn't give me the medal.

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          11. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

          I have ARs and SMGs diamond with all Max Prestige 2.  What I do, aside from what was already mentioned, is I focused on 1 AR and 1 SMG per prestige.  On Slums, Hijacked, Plaza I used the SMG.  On Turbine, Overflow, Carrier I used the AR.  Other maps I used either depending on my mood.  I played normally until I unlocked Kryptek then I immediately went to work on Cherry Blossom/Art of War together. 


          When I knew I was getting close to Kryptek I would make a class with no perks/attachments with the gun I was working on so I could switch to it mid game and not waste kills. 


          I usually made progress on Ronin, Carbon Fiber and Skulls running with no perks and attachment, so the instant I was done with Cherry Blossom/Art of War it was a short grind to get gold.


          Headshots is the longest part of the gold grind but you also unlock the most camos with headshots, so no biggie.  Just remember when you sneak up that guy who isn't paying attention...take the headshot if you need it.  Since I don't need headshots now I switch to my knife and kill them like that...want that gold combat knife.

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            12. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

            FYI - there is a GREAT spot on Yemen that nets you longshots with the AR. Found it by accident when I killed a camper in one of the windows (snuck in behind him). When I looked out the window, there was a guy in the window across from me so I shot him and got the longshot.....I ALWAYS vote Yemen now when I am trying to knock out longshots

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              13. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

              Cool, great tips as well!   I like you am usually working on a sub and AR at the same time and a few days ago got bored and decided like you to gold that combat knife.  I only need 4 bloodthirsty medals and it will be gold.


              I like what you said about sneaking in and getting the headshot or knife kill...for the longest time I would just start firing real quick and wasn't thinking about the headshot.

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                14. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                yep, know the place you are talking about...I have helped several people get their longshots as they killed me that way!

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                  15. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                  DaCleric wrote:


                  For the gun camos where you have to run no perk and no attachment, do this after you unlock the abilities to work on these camo's.  After you have unlocked the abilities to work on those camos, then prestige the weapon.  Make a class with no perks or attachments and get your 150 kills or whatever.  By that point you will have most of your good attachments earned again and you will be halfway to prestiging the gun the second time.  Saves time and is less painful.

                  thats what i do , best method

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                    16. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                    Assault Rifle Gold Tips:


                    General, I'd set up classes with no lethal grenades, take extra tacticals if you want, but the lethal grenades don't help your in any of these. Also would run all non-lethal scorestreaks. UAV/CUAV/VSAT. If you're a lower k/d, you can switch VSAT with CP and try and get UAV/CUAV's out of those, but usually those lethal scorestreaks do nothing but slow you down on your road to gold.


                    Longshots: Hardcore Kill Confirmed. Or TDM, but hardcore. And Target Finder. Makes this very easy. Get a map like carrier, take out your target finder, line up and pull the trigger. With hardcore on, they will drop with one or two bullets out of most assault rifles. Carrier and Slums were where I like to get these. On slums just line up on the wall, across the map the people who headglitch over the barrel will give you your longshots. Carrier is across the map in several directions. I'd back out if you get hijacked and are trying for longshots.


                    Double Kills: Usually pretty easy, I've always ended up getting these while doing my no perks/no attachments.


                    Headshots: Certain AR's are easier than others, specifically the M8A1 was the most difficult because you essentially have to get the entire burst on the head. For this gun I played Hardcore mode, still took forever. Other guns, Target Finder will help if you're really struggling.


                    BloodThirsty: Really just have to focus usually just played conservative once I noticed I got 3 in a row during my no perks no attachments.


                    No Perks/No Attachments: Do them together. Your K/D will take a hit, but still, load up on tactical grenades and grind it out.

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                      17. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                      I got one tip. For single shot and burst weapons, use select fire. The extra recoil with full auto will net you some more headshots. I don't know about anyone else, but I have had a REAL hard time getting headshots for the very accurate weapons like burst or single shot weapons.

                      Very rarely when I get a headshot do I actually mean to do it. For the most part, it is all luck. At least for me.

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                        18. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                        Great tips, thanks!

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                          19. Re: Gold Camo- Tips/Tricks Discussion

                          Cool, thanks for the tip!

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