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    MW4 vs RESPAWN'S upcoming first person shooter. What will you buy next year?

      3 weeks after I sold B02 I still keep an eye on this forum waiting for news on that "golden patch" that will fix most of the problems, at least the lag and hit detection,That is all I ask, and I would buy it again, good game but I was having to much frustration , and after reading about all the new glitches, I think I did the right thing. I must say I do miss the good old COD days.


      I did some research, and found out that Respawn is making a new FPS, the good think about this is that the guys at respawn are the same guys that created COD 4 & MW2 . They left Infinity Ward after a legal dispute and made their own company (RESPAWN). They are working with EA on this new game . This guys left Infinity Ward soon after MW2 was released and I think that was part of the problem on the lack of support the game had, Infinity never fixed the commando launch or noobtubes (just to name a couple) but I think MW2 was a very solid game regarding hit detection and lag. then MW3 was a mess too, because the real master-minds  where no longer developing the game.  What I understand is that EA basically gave this guys (former IW employees) the keys of the building and told them "do what ever you guys want but make it happen ". I hope they come out with a solid new game with new things that challenge the good players and make the bad players work their way up. No more spray and pray for a change...  This might be old news for many of you, I honestly do not know much about it , If anyone can give me some more info I will appreciate it.  Are you guys going to stick with COD?  or do you think this game's days are over?? Happy new year for all of you.


      (I am using a cellphone sorry for spelling)