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      What would be a good map for future dlcs, post your ideas/map designs here


      Small or big?


      Open or Enclosed?




      Interactive features?


      You never know treyarch might actually read it and get some inspiration!!

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          MY IDEA:


          A large open map set in the plains of Africa like the first mission on campaign


          Will have a similar layout to Wasteland from MW2


          Will have underground tunnels linking different parts of the map with operatable doors


          Buildings vehicles etc for cover


          Halfway through the match a tornado rolls through the map and you must avoid it or get sucked up!!

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            thezombieslaya115 wrote:


            What would be a good map for future dlcs, post your ideas/map designs here


            Small or big? Yes


            Open or Enclosed? Yes


            Location? Earth


            Interactive features? Yes


            You never know treyarch might actually read it and get some inspiration!! No they won't

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              Bigger maps with less clutter. Like the older maps. Big, detailed maps without all the head gliching cover the the current maps have.


              I guess my favorite type is a large map that offers the option of CQC, it's not forced on you. Large maps like Array, Hazard, Sealow....stuff of that sort. Large open areas with cover and places to try and hold. Gives optioins for just about any type of weapon use.

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                  I would really like an medium/lonmg range map, set in the insides of an destroyed city. There are parking lots full of cars, Destroyed buildings to go in (Like in the MW3 campaing mission SCORCHED EARTH), interactive TVs, so when you press X an atari game is shown in idle, (BONUS: There will be an destroyed Intellevision nearby, to show how atari used to destroy the competition), very few close range encouters, very few open areas, so those Lodestar spammers will have VERY little succes in this map, an empty pool area like in the ending of "ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" in COD4, so on and so forth.

                  I could try to make thi map in Minecraft if you guys wanted (TRY)

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                  I want an airport map with working luggage belt, elevators, escalators and moving walkways. I want it to be as big as Turbine and have three levels.


                  Imagine popping out and surprising your enemy while you sit crouched in a luggage conveyor belt.

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                    I'm not bothered about new game modes or zombies. I want varied well designed maps.


                    It's hard to nail down the formula for good level design, but I think designing maps is an artform  -  the maps on offer in BO2 range from pretty average, to total garbage in my opinion, and have been over thought almost, in an attempt to make them 'balanced' they have failed. They don't feel like real places, everything is too conveniently placed, or it feels like your hemmed in or on rails, also almost every vantage point has 3 or 4 direct routes to it, so if your playing an objective (and your team mates arn't - which 9 times out of 10, they aint) you havent got a hope in hell in defending anything.


                    The map design for CoD games dramatically fell apart after MW2, since then it's like nobody can get this formula down like the old IW crew did.


                    For me a map has got to play well and look the part. I played some CoD 4 a few nights back, and the maps felt like real places - even ths ones I didn't like seemed solid.


                    I dunno, maybe I'm just getting old...but the skate park map looks **** - not the kinda direction I was hoping the DLC would take.

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                      For the few maps we've had on top of Skyscrapers, I want one on the inside. The building itself, despite being inside a Skyscraper, would still be medium to large in order to try and accommodate more playstyles.


                      It would have three levels, and stairwells on two sides to get to each level. The East & West sides of the building, on the third floor opposite the stairwells, would have Rappel Points that would take you to the bottom of the three floors. North & South sides of the buildings (stairwell sides) would have small rooftop locations on opposite buildings that you could get to from third floor Zip Lines. You could also return to the building with another Zip Line to the bottom of the three floors.


                      Top floor would be mostly open with long sightlines and office debri laying around for cover. The Middle floor would be a little more tightly contained with offices and what not for some CQC. Half the walls would be destructable. So it would start off really tight, but could end up a little more open. The bottom floor would house computer and electical equpment and would be a little darker in terms of lighting conditions. Some of the bigger equipment in on the floor would kind of react like cars do in COD, in terms of blowing up.


                      That's my idea for a map. Maybe a little bit much, but I like it.

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                        They need bigger maps that have open spaces AND CQ places as well.

                        The maps in MW2 are the best in the series IMO. They need to make them like those maps.

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                          I hope they bring back Firing Range from the 1st BO that map was awesome along with village those two maps were my favorite in BO1

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                                 IN A MOVIE THEATRE! Seriously, doesn't that sound awesome? I just hope that if this map ever comes into existence, that it's not like an arena-like map (like most of the maps we're playing on, and will be playing on like that skate map) with vantage points with 2000 ways to get into it. I mean, even if you aren't in a vantage point, there is nowhere to rest in BO2 when you could be flanked from any direction everywhere except your initial spawn.


                            Other suggestions:




                            White House





                            Blizzard (blizzard comes and goes, and brings significantly reduced visibility along with it)


                                 More maps with severe weather like hurricanes (that might push players sometimes), blizzards, lightning, heavy rain, hail, tidal waves etc.


                                 Interactive maps are great (looking forward to riding the lift in Revolution); the more the merrier!

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                              A map with computer rooms that have TVs in them so you can see something going on in the other side of the map.

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                                i been sayin it for years. 


                                Colosseum in rome, 

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                                  Night maps.


                                  Rain, falling snow, wind (like Vortex).


                                  Interaction, moving parts, like the train in Express and the doors in Drone.


                                  Large, wide open sniping maps, like MW2 Derail, WaW Seelow.


                                  Drop the barrels/crates at every single corner and under every window.  This isn't gears of war, I did not buy the cover based shooter, nor do I want it, and not every single room in the game needs 4 entrances, making sniping a chore.  I love small maps, going back to Dome and Courtyard in WaW, but when all of them are small the game suffers.

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                                    I wish they would bring back some of their old maps. I'd love it if they brought back courtyard and upheaval from world at war and firing range would be a must.

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                                      I would like some Black Ops maps witha futuristic style. Maybe one free old very DLC.



                                      Firing Range





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                                        Zombie Maps Discussion:


                                        Tranzit and Die Rise have something in common, the new element of WAITING to move around.  I wish Treyarch would understand that this really takes away from the game!!!  Please eradicate it from any future maps because it's really annoying.  It slows down the game tremendously!  Waiting around for the bus in Tranzit and waiting for the elvators in Die Rise is irritating as all hell.  Treyarch, if you read this, please fix these two maps by speeding up the bus and elevators somehow (perhaps add another bus or two in Tranzit, and a permanent elevator key to call elevators quickly).  Teleporting randomly is also annoying (as in "Five" and "Tranzit").



                                        1. I would like add-ons/improvements to Tranzit and Die Rise.
                                        2. I wish we could pick more than one item up at the same time.  We have a four-way directional pad, why not use all four directions?  One for the trample steam, one for claymores, one for elevator keys (not for just one use because that adds to the waiting), one for a ladder perhaps as well or a zip line gun.
                                        3. Introduce a ladder to go up and a zip line to go across places as new buildables.
                                        4. Another new buildable is a self teleportation device to get to the same room as your downed teammates so one can revive them before it's too late.
                                        5. I also hate the fact that crawlers and even last walker/runner sometime die now.  I want to know that the last crawler won't die so I can get all my business done in between rounds. Be consistent, not random.
                                        6. Add a true multi-player campaign zombie mode with missions/objectives to accomplish.  Not just a couple of easter eggs.
                                        7. Unlock new things after every 10 rounds, not just allow everything to be unlocked right away because the later rounds get very repetitive.  This way you have a goal to advance farther in the game and unlock more and more possibilities (areas, buildables, new guns, new perks).
                                        8. When you go down in late rounds and lose everything, it is almost impossible to get back to the game because it is too difficult.  Maybe add a perk so that when you spawn back without anything, it gives you extra time before the next wave of zombies or maybe spawn back at the end of the round.
                                        9. Finally, please add a "save game/pause" feature.  Some people work and have responsibilities and hate to lose all their hard work because they have to stop playing.


                                        That's it....all in all, I love these zombies game, but I want more!!!


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                                          I'm not sure if this has been in a COD game but I'd like to have a Chernobyl DLC map.

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                                            map hazards are by far the most fun to play with.


                                            If they don't kill you, they should interrupt gameplay, similar to launch in BO1, which did both.


                                            I think a strong blizzard that reduces visibility for everyone would be cool, or sand, something of that nature.


                                            I think they should do a forrest type map with lots of trees and brush. I loved the Estate map from MW2.


                                            something involving 1 huge building and entrances from all sides, similar to Skidrow in MW2.


                                            I think overall, the MW2 maps have been the most creative thus far, they should take a few notes out of those maps, Minus Rust, LOL

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                                              I would really like to see another map similar to Array, it was large and gave you plenty of cover points. Great map to snipe in and also for SMGs inside the building. The maps we have now are all small to medium. we dont have a large map to cover. I like Hijacked,Raid, Standoff, And Yemen. I think the only "large" map is Turbine but i feel that map could have been better thought out. While it is large, Most of the map is confined and narrow path ways. I would love to see a map that has various weather conditions. SNowing, Raining, Extreme wind you name it. But please Make it a large map. Like i said, something the size of Array, Or Grid, Jungle. Something with long lines of sight, flanking routes, and not many head glicth spots. A huge mansion that has a huge front and back lawn would be cool.