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    (tdm) ---301 spm 2.15 k/d--- looking for clan. (xbox360)

      i play mainly  tdm but love objective based games as well.


      i play 9-11pm eastern time almost everynight. i have a headset but cannot always talk b/c my 18 mo twins are asleep in the next room. i play mostly tdm.


      my tdm stats are spm 301 and kd. 2.15, i will play any game mode just not overly found of hc. my spm is over 300 in everygame type i play,


        if you are interested in me as a member plz leave a comment or send a private message with your gamertag. and i will chat with you via xbox live app on my phone ty . fyi this name is not my gamertag so dont bother trying to find it in game