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    **PS3** Fearless_IconZ clan is looking for competitive core players **PS3**

      We are a new clan looking for active members to join a mature group of friends in casual yet competitive gaming. We have only a few restrictions one being a mic and second we'd like you to have a 1.3 or higher KD. We play all core game types, we try to avoid hardcore as all competitive gaming is in core modes. We do all clan challenges, we don't have any requirements to attend games, clan ops or challenges, we only ask you are active and can play as a team. we have a Facebook group and YouTube channel in soon to follow.

      If you're into objective gaming beyond the dull tdm, then we are the clan for you! We play mostly multi team KC league mlg and enlist in tournaments, we are also expanding our game modes as we continue to grow. We don't have any application forms just a simple try out per say. You will play multi team and some random game modes with us and we can see how you play with us as a team.

      If this sounds like the clan for you please message one of the psn's virus_talicso or psyKO_MARTINEZ