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    Shotguns need to be secondaries

      I'm sorry but shotguns need to be a secondary. Ever since MW2 (even previous games before that shotguns sucked) shotguns have went down hill. I've played countless hours with the shotguns on BO1, WAW, COD4. MW3 and BO2. They are better in BO2 but still lack the good old days of MW2.


      I loved akimbo model 1887 and the feeling of the SPAS 12. The thing was, they were pretty much realistic and usable...


      Shotguns shouldn't be apart of the main class for a few reasons.


      The most common one being...Shotguns are good as a support weapon, for clearing out building and tight choke points, Not as a general weapon. I've played MW2 and I used an LMG and Shotgun Build, the shotgun did well for CCQ battles and the LMG did great for medium to long range.


      Bottom line is, Shotguns were much better in the days of MW2. BO2 has tried to bring back the good old feeling of them but the range still sucks on most shotguns, the upside would be the KSG, it has great range but you need to be deadly accurate with it. I often see people missing at point blank range with it...so yeah,


      Go back the old days and give pump action shotguns a big improvemnt. They need more range so they are realistic. Every other gun in the game is pretty much realistic enough (not completely, as remember this CoD).


      To me a shotgun is a support weapon, accompanying a class, not as a primary weapon

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          Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries

          Some people do very well with the shotguns, there is nothing wrong with them.


          They do well in cqc which BO2 maps have a lot of.


          Its not realistic to have it as a secondary, how many soldiers run around with a AR and a big shotgun, none, lol.

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            Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries

            overkill is there for you.


            Also shotguns work good as they are.


            you just need to know on what maps you can use them.


            also KSG works on pretty much every map lol.


            And no there range is fine.


            if you want them as support then they should only be availeble on bigger maps.

            on small maps like hijacked there are not support but weapons of choice lol.

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                Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries

                You're pretty much dead-on! There's a reason why they put Overkill in the game, to solve problems like what the OP has.


                If Treyarch increased the range of the shotguns, then a lot, and I mean A LOT of CoD players will complain. Why do you think they reduced the Remington's range a bit on Patch 1.04


                In my opinion, shotguns can take care of anyone and in the hands of a great player, it's very deadly. You just have to know what maps to use it on.

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                    Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries

                    man when you are lagging behind , facing a shotgun is the most anoying thing ever lol.


                    i really wish people would just worry about fixing the connection issues first then the weapons issues second.


                    to me every gun seems almighty at times but when im using them im like seriously wtf is going on.


                    in kill cam i see someone  just pushing the trigger and a gun fires with no recoil , yet when i tap the trigger with that same gun it already has recoil lol.


                    same with shotguns.
                    Sometimes i get killed from all ranges and with ease , yet i can be behind a guy and fire 4 rounds into him and he survives lol.(2nd shotgun)

                    but then in another match i get 1 shot kills each time .


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                  Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries


                  the remmington is the easiest gun to use on the game


                  point + click = OHK

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                    Re: Shotguns need to be secondaries

                    overall they are fine. i do see 2 small issues. the cock speed of the remington and KSG are a bit fast, removing high risk/reward from gameplay. and that shotguns have longbarrel which is pretty much stopping power on shotguns. without it many are to weak to use competativly, with it some are borderline OP, see remington nerf. current remington+longberrel range it what the default range should be and remove longberrel completly from shotguns. all shotguns buffed to have it on by default or halfway inbetween.

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