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    This game would be one of the best COD if....

      1.People would die when you shoot them. I get the jump on people hitting them shot after shot and I die. My sons make me look like a clown when I play and even they are having the same issues.

      2. When you used engineering the bouncning betties glowed red all the time like they are supposed. Half the time they don't.

      3. When you are eyeing a sniper perch and you get killed by him that he showed up on the screen. He did not show up until the kill cam. He ran out shot and ran back. This was not shown during real time.

      4. When you are using blind eye you are not killed by an Hunter Killer. No one was around me, so that was not the reason. This has happened many times.


      anyhow this game would be my favorite COD if these things would be fixed. Right now as it stands MW2 and MW3 are better because their issues were no where near as bad as these are. Yeah 3 had bad lag, but I would get a fair shot when fighting most of the time. In this one it's like 15% me 85% them.