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    Why must people............

      STILL feel the need to to come up with these lame a$$ excuses for getting owned.

      I will start this out buy pointing out that I'm far from being the best player out there. So with that said, if you are Master prestige and get dog walked by someone like me, don't go running your mouth about modded controllers. If you people just use a small percent of that mush you call a brain, you would be aware of the fact that (thank God) Treyarc has made it so that modded controllers are useless in this game. There's no need to send someone 14 messages back to back. If you are that obsessed with a game, you to get out and get some vagina.


      Oh, and stop screaming "CAMPER" when you get killed by someone running out in the open. You do know your nerdy little voices are heard by the person who killed you right?